Latest Group Discussion Topics For MBA & Job Interview


Each and every year the Group Discussion Topics are latest updating. In all these updation, we have found some trending topics for the GD. As you are preparing for any job interview or you are an aspirant of MBA. GD is mostly conducted by non-technical jobs. In these, sales and marketing, BPO, customer executive, international call support, or any of the business service.

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Latest Group Discussion Topics

The company required a good communicator who has fluent to speak. It is important to speak in the preferred language which is demanded by the company. Sometimes a company has multiple language options in this candidate has the good opportunity to attend an interview and shortlist for the native language.
Research about the company whether the company required by specific language or the language which you know to be accepted. We will list multiple latest GD topics and explain a few topics which are mostly asked during GD. 

    Social media group discussion:

    This topic is well known and easy to grab and shortlist from the group discussion. Please stop in many other in a General discussion or maybe in a debate form social media not just have a single topic, it can be reform into various subcategories. It could have, "Social media is good for students or not" this is the topic which could be divided the team into two separate parts. One team will be on the side and the other will oppose the site. 

    As the trend of social media is increasing day by day and each and everyone have their own social media either they are using for the entertainment purpose or they are using for the learning or study purpose, so it has the pros and cons based on that you can very well put your points and thoughts genuinely in front of the panel. 

    Make sure if you opponent on any topic this means not you will not get shortlisted. Make the point whatever you believe whatever you trust, HR will only shortlist based on, how are you speaking, your communication, your body language, and how effective your speaking skill is?
    Therefore don't worry about any situation during discussion. Be confident and shortlist from the GD.

    GD topic women empowerment:

    Now this topic becoming less popular where women needed to empower. But in many parts of many countries, women are still behind the scene. They don't have proper independence in life. They cannot really do what they want and these women need to empower. For these you can make a little more interesting during the discussion, in this topic of GD, you can put a point for the women who have already empowered and they can help the other as well to empower those who are not getting the proper empowerment. 

    English group discussion:

    There may be chances either you will get the topic as an English and which is important in our daily life or you make get the any different topic in which you need to speak only in English. Maybe in both cases, spoken language could be varied. The language could be native or English itself, if the interviewer told you to talk in the English language then whatever the topic you will get you to need to talk only in the English language.
    It is quite interesting and quite simple if you are using simple words and sentences so that each and everyone in the conference could understand, what you are trying to narrate. English group discussion topic could be based on its importance or what are the best practices by which one can improve their English speaking. 

    MBA GD topics:

    MBA aspirant needs to attend the GD two times:

    • If they want to get admission after crack any competitive exam in various Institute like IIMs
    • When they attend the campus recruitment

    Therefore the MBA student needs to anyhow attend and shortlist from the GD round. This is the initial round during campus recruitment based on that you will get a personal interview round. Most of the company only conduct two rounds for MBA candidates i.e. GD & PI.

    Tips for Unknown GD Topics:

    Sometimes if you are not getting a piece of good information for the topic or you are not aware of this topic maybe this is bad luck to make it interesting but this does not mean that you cannot shortlist from the GD. You can put it any thought, whichever you think about or whatever the definition or initiator has started. 

    Based on that also you can just put your thought. If you are not aware of the topic, don't initiate from yours wait for any initiator, if they told listen properly, understand what does the meaning and definitions of this topic is, then you can point your thought. This is a very easy way by which you can stand out from the GD on which you don't know anything interesting right.

    Types Of Group Discussion Topics



    Women empowerment


    Gender Equality


    Social media: a boon or a bane for the society


    Swachh Bharat Mission


    Smart City Project in India


    Beti Bachao Beti Padhao



    Union Budget 2021


    "Coronavirus": How it impacts business growth?


    Is "Startup India" boosting Entrepreneurship?


    "Make in India": Is it realy working on ground level?


    Future Of "Crypto Currencies"


    Telecom Sector Trouble In India


    Impact of Technology on Job



    "Climate change": Global warming & its effect


    Use of renewable energy in India


    Agriculture role in India: Problem & Challenges

    General GD Topics (2021):


    Peer pressure can make or break your future


    Will Corruption in FIFA spoil football


    Is AI eating jobs in India or Shaping


    How to prevent coronavirus third wave in India?


    Discuss, “Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan”


    Discuss, “India’s coronavirus vaccination program”


    The second wave of covid-19


    Is India ready for 5G technology?


    Discuss, “Online education vs offline education”


    Impact of covid-19 in the education system


    Discuss, “Work from home vs work from office”

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