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Effective Speaking Skills

Whenever the speaker able to convey the required message fully at the right time it is called effective speaking.
Whenever Speaker speak on both verbal and nonverbal also is an effective speaking
Effective speaking is not just speaking in which the speaker can't only speak orally but also use the whole body language to convey the message to the receiver.

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    How to be an effective speaker:

    • Select a topic that fits you and your audience.
    • Develop your speaking skills in order to strengthen your confidence level.
    • Use language specifically so that the audience can adapt it easily.
    • Speak clearly, pleasantly, correctly and with proper emphasis on words.
    • Use various examples and stories to clarify ideas and thought and make them understandable.
    • Practice relaxation exercises to control your tension or stress. 
    • Trying to replace your negative emotions or self-defeating statements.
    • Visualize yourself being successful.
    • Enjoy body language to the best advantage.
    • Avoid nervousness.
    • Make proper eye contact with the listener.
    • Schedule your self as you practice, practice and only practice.
    • Except for your audience to be helpful or attentive.
    • Act confidently and even if you are not. 

    Principles of an Effective Speaking:

    Principle of preciseness and clarity:

    It always emphasizes on both clarities of thoughts and clarity of expressions. The speaker should have to deliver a speech in such a way that it should always be clearly understood by the audience and this is the founder of preciseness and clarity whenever you come to the effective speech. 

    Principle of completeness: 

    It always emphasized the need to cover all the details which are related to the topic. There should not any incomplete message. 

    Principle of conciseness: 

    It always emphasizes the need to include necessary a sufficient point to speech. The speaker should avoid unnecessary details and lecturing. Speaker should give respect the precious time of the audience.

    Principle of adaptation: 

    It defines how well does the speaker adapt himself according to the situation, circumstances and audiences so that the right message should be passed to the listener. 

    Effective speaking does not only depend on good voice production or articulation but also some other factors such as tone, volume, pace, speech, and use of pause contribute to the good delivery. 

    Components of Effective Public Speaking:

    The pace of voice: 
    Speaking to an audience requires a pace slower than normal conversation, the pace can be varied to create different effects. 

    The tone of voice: 

    The tone is a vocal quality which Express how is the feeling you have. Tone can reflect the sincere effort and hard work.

    Pitch of voice:  

    A low pitch voice is pleasing to the audience and a comfortable for the speaker to variation of pitch can also be very effective while speaking in front of an audience.

    The volume of voice: 

    The voice should always be loud enough for every listener to listen comfortably that means the last person who to set at last batch can also listen properly.


    Pausing can focus attention on what has been said, what is about to be said and can be used to prepare the right audience to change the idea and clarify the thought to deliver the message. This gives an idea and optimizes the way to deliver the speech.


    A word that you are repeating is a phrase or an idea that is useful to emphasize what exactly you want to convey to your audience. 

    Word choice: 

    According to the situation or appropriate words must be chosen. Choose the word which is comfortable for your listeners, he or she can listen understand properly don't make jargon with complicated vocabularies. This was just how complicated or you just showing how intelligent you are?

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