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What Is Body Language?

Body language is the most important aspect of non-verbal communication. It is suitable for expressing feelings & emotions like joy, anger, fear, grief, etc.

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Effective body language techniques

The non-verbal expression of these feelings is usually an unconscious process and the communicator is not able to manipulate them. Generally, body language included eye contact, gesture & posture, facial expression, body moments, touch, etc. 

These are the important aspects of body language in formal & informal communication. This is also known as kinesics which means body moment. 

    Effective Body Language:

    As we know, body language is non-verbal communication in which the actor has to involve the right pose & body moment during communicating. It built a good connection which reflects our thought process, feeling, & emotion. 

    In order to make it effective, one can enhance with enthusiasm in contribution, passion on own work, confidence in self ability, flexibility to adapt in any situation, comfortable to take challenges, etc. 

    Following are the techniques to develop effective body language:

    • Participation & show the interest
    • Be open-minded, relaxed & don't slouch
    • Maintain good eye contact but don't gaze at a single person for a long time
    • Don't touch face again & again
    • Have the right posture & keep your head up
    • Make firm handshake, etc.

    Importance Of Body Language:

    I1. Attract the audience:

    Good body language always attracts people. This works as positive vibes while you communicate with the audience. It's more important what you expressing than what you speaking. People always want to spend more time with this type of person who pursues effective body language.

    I2. Raising Self-esteem:

    This enhances your personal opinion of your own character & ability. No one judge & make a negative sign on your ability. This helps to connect your audience by appearance, behavior, emotions & belief. The person with good body language always win the heart of society and always receive honor & respect

    I3. Increase Self-confidence:

    During a conversation with people right body language help to boost confidence level. Finally results of it successful meet. In the business environment where one can meet the target by having good body language while dealing with clients & customers. In daily practice, this makes the people share thought openly.

    Importance Of Body Language In Everyday Life:

    In our day-to-day life, we non-verbally connect with people either to show positivity or negativity. However, the people don't make interest on others speaking style but due to their good body language make a place in all heart. These are various day to day happening expressions while communicating:

    L1. Excitement & Boredom:

    One can excite on the good occasion and another can sad on bad movement. In these two situations, a person can differentiate the situation by their expressions & body language. The situation could be identified whether it is good or bad.

    L2. Pleasure & Anger:

    Similarly, in these two sights, one can express the situation of happiness & the other can show anger non-verbally.

    L3. Pride & Ego:

    If the person achieves something or reward, he/she could feel pride or on the other side show the ego that he's/she's the only one who can achieve this by their facial expression & moment of body.

    L4. Happiness & Sadness:

    If someone has a good smiling, this person will surely communicate politely or interested to meet. Another side the person sat with flatness about some reason, this is sure he/she will never interest to meet or communicate.

    L5. Satisfaction & Dissatisfaction:

    In everyday life, it shows if you get something according to or happening as you wish, you might be satisfied and this reflects on the facial expressions and the opposite side if something is beyond your expectations you might be dissatisfied.

    Importance Of Body Language At Workplace:

    Similar to everyday life our body movement help to communicate with people non-verbally, at the workplace, it is one of the wells know and demanding skill. This is also called kinesics. Body language started to assess from the interview round. During this, the majorly looking quality is good body language. The following are important points at the workplace:

    W1. Firm Hand Shake:

    This type of handshake shows confidence in the employees. During the interview also you can note if the interviewer offering a handshake then put it firmly not loosely. Your positive vibes & energy should influence the interviewer. If you are already a part of the organization, then you can do the same with your colleagues.

    W2. Right Body Posture:

    While you communicating with employees or attended interviews, make sure your posture should always correct. Keep your shoulder back & relaxed. Balance your feet and make in little distance. Don't show lazy posture if you felt at any moment, for this, you can take some natural drink before meet. Depending on the time time to meet with people posture could change but make sure it will always reflect your personality.

    W3. Clean Shave & Trimmed Hair:

    This is recommended, but no one does. During the interview candidate anyhow follow the rule. And after joining the company candidate only save their beard not shave. If you want to look professional and well-groomed then this must be taken care of.

    W4. Formal Dress:

    This is mandatory for many companies. While you meet to deal with customer or client, it's important to be in formal dress and shoes should be polished. Hair should short and tie a tie (optional). The dress code combination as follows: If you wear,

    • The light shirt then Dark pant
    • The dark shirt then Light pant

     W5. Healthy Smile:

    No one should miss this which does not require a cost. Make it natural so that flexibility and full-time confidence should maintain and influence the team at the workplace. As we know the first expression is the last expression. Thus, be the person who survives on every heart.

    Importance Of Body Language For Students:

    In the classroom, students & faculty both need to maintain proper body language. This helps to improve the grasping of students & teaching interest on faculty. Most of the boring lectures make the students lazy and loath and anyhow they don't make interest in the classroom. 

    But in this boring session, also one can change the way of grasping and presence.
    Make your proper eye contact, gesture & posture should be good. This could be evaluated if any student interested they will usually be sitting up & another side if they are not interested, will little slouching.
    The teacher should incorporate some physical activities during lectures and on this, each student must participate. This improves flexibility and creativity in students. 

    Body language is the presence of one, thus, students should start to work from their schooling times. So that it could come into a daily routine when jumping into a professional career.

    Importance Of Body Language In Communication:

    As communication important in any sector. But when we make non-verbal communication then, body language always makes a crucial point. And taking care of this, make you an effective communicator. Therefore include the right and required body language, facial expression, right-hand shake, gesture & posture, grooming & hygiene, smiling, paying attention, peace voice, walking & sitting style, etc.

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