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Role Of Gestures And Postures In Communication

The moment and the pressure of any speaker should always be spontaneous from that and natural by the feelings and ideas. 
It should never look like artificial. 
These gestures and posture of the speaker help to communicate with the confidence, poise, and the way he or she feels in front of the audience.

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The speaker's postures should be alert and relaxed. 
The speaker should rest his/her weight on both legs. 
The speaker can move from one place to another place while speaking. 

This makes you comfortable delivering a speech in front of the audience. 
But moving "to and fro", it will display your nervousness. Thus, avoid it to do so. 

If you constant in the same place, this also distracts the attention of the audience from whatever is being said. 
Only the physical moment are allowed, which are reinforce the ideas while speaking. 
The gesture of hands are commonly used to reinforce the speech. 

Though gestures are deliberately used for effective voice communication. 
You must look spontaneous and natural. 
Gesture provides valuable information to the audience. 
The audience also makes interest and emotional involvement in the subject. 

Speaker's gesture should always be meaningful, definite, emphatic, natural, and large enough and it should be shown by all the audience.

The following are important points for gestures & postures to communicate effectively:


  • Smile is helping to overcome nervousness
  • Equal handshake helps to confidence
  • Eye contact helps to a surety
  • An open palm helps to be a comfort


  • Standing position & movement helps free to speak
  • Walking style helps personality
  • Hand movement helps you to narrate freely


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