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What is Telephonic Communication?

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A telephonic conversation is a type of oral communication which is done by two-person, in which these two-person share their thought and views to each other. 
In other words, communication that is taking place between two people with the help of the telephone is a telephonic conversation.

    Importance of a Telephone Conversation:

    1. Instantaneous Communication:

    This is the most obvious advantage of telephonic conversation that it saves time. Whenever telephone service is efficient it enabled a person to have instantaneous communication. 

    2. Immediate Feedback: 

    In telephonic communication it is possible to get immediate feedback, the communicator can make sure that his communications have been well understood. 

    3. Greater Equalizer:

    In most of the cases, a telephone call can be more effective. The telephone act as the king of "equalizer" which basically minimizing the influence of personal appearance or the appearance of the office. 
    This also makes the caller and the person called are put on some kind of equal regardless of their relative position or rank. 

    4. Effective if your voice is modulated: 

    However telephone communication is not as good as face to face communication, but it is possible to make it more effective through subtle modulation of voice. 

    5. Useful services are available: 

    Nowadays, several kinds of telephone services available such as - the trunk call service, priority call service, particular person call service, intercom, extension offer telephone instrument service, etc. 
    These services are extremely useful to the subscriber. 

    Thus, telephonic communication is very important for business professional, customer care executive, BPO, etc. It really matters what you are talking to your caller.

    If you are a caller:
    Try to make a note which you want to discuss before calling.

    If you are a callee:
    Try to take a pen & paper, to note down all the necessary points.

    These are the technique for effective telephonic communication.

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