How To Succeed In First Telephone Interview In India?


Success At Telephonic Interview

You can immediately boom while you communicating on the telephone. This is more useful for those who are preparing for a telephonic interview. At the beginning level, fresher doesn't know how to communicate while giving a telephonic interview
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Telephonic interview is not just calling but it may be some Skype interview, it may be an audio-visual interview but the candidate must know, how to make an effective conversation to the interviewer?

Following are the tips which can help you to to be effective communicator while giving a telephonic interview

    T1. Give Formal Greeting: 

    If you know the name of the interviewer then you can call, "Hello John", "hi John" or as per the time you can give a greeting in a formal way. Be positive while giving interviews the first time this is not a face to face interaction. Thus,  your voice matters!! Don't hesitate and be positive. 

    T2. Listen First:

    Let the interview ask complete questions. Be silent and trying to understand what is question being asked by the interviewer? At that time just brush up your memory and trying to find out the answers.  
    So that when the interviewer finished the question you can quickly and correctly deliver your answer. This makes an effective interview and you can stand at first. Thus, be an effective listener

    T3. Check Telephone Network:

    Before attending telephonic interview check audio and voice quality on your mobile. You must make sure that you are in a good network area. For testing purposes, you can call your friends in and just check whether the network connection is good or not. Make sure your voice should not break at the time of a telephonic interview. Hence network check-up is more crucial. 

    T4. Be Prepared:

    At the time of the telephonic interview, you have to give an immediate answer to the interviewer. If you just sit and be silent at the time of delivering the answer interviewer can guess it that you are not sure and confident about the question and you don't have the clear cut answer for the question.  
    You can not say, "Um", "Ah" or "Yes Yes" but you have how to give an answer to the point because of limited time. Therefore you must be prepared before attending the telephonic interview.

    T5. Take A Diary: 

    Since during the telephonic interview, your interviewer won't know what the stuff you are doing at the time of the telephonic interview but you can make it interesting. Whenever the interviewer asks the question, you can just write the question in your diary. So that will not worry about repeating questions. 
    You will just make the right solution and deliver it in a proper way. Sometimes you need a diary whenever some question being asked by the interviewer so that you can solve those questions.

    The tips which you can follow for your telephonic interview and stand at first. When applying a more candidate for the same position, you cannot boom yourself at the first telephonic interview. Therefore do practice daily before a week, before a month with your friends to communicate on the telephone and this is the right way where you can make your proper accent and the way of a conversation. 

    Finally, Wish You All The Best!! 


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