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Importance of voice in the presentation

The voice of the speaker should always be loud and it should enough audible. Even to the people sitting in the last row. This should include your enough variation of pace and pitch of voice. 

What Are The Importance Of Voice In Presentation -Xsoftskills

When you maintain the same pitch and pace, it tends to make proceedings monotonous, while you speak.

When you speak a keyword, then properly stress on it. Try to give pause before and after each important point.

What is the importance of voice in the presentation:

  • This makes your audience more understandable 
  • This makes audience attention for a long time 
  • Low voice and loudly speaking create attention for the listeners 
  • The Pace and pitch of voice create a visual connection with the story which you are telling 
  • This also creates one emotion for the audience 
  • You will get a good response from the audience 
  • You will clear all the doubts of the audience 
  • The voice quality and clarity influence will your audience

What Are The Importance Of Voice In Presentation -Xsoftskills

Using your voice effectively in presentations: 

How you can do that? Before starting the presentation just do some vocal exercise. In this, you can include one exercise which you can do in your home and that is called Simhasana (Lion Pose). 

This is a good exercise for vocal cords. Even you can try this- "Put your finger inside the mouth in a vertical way and speak something. 

Do it at least 5 minutes and try to speak 5 minutes after putting your hand out from the mouth.

These two exercises are very powerful, how to increase your voice quality and it also helps to overcome a stammering problem.


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