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What is an interview and what are the types of interview

What is an Interview?

"This is the formal meeting in which one or more people consult, evaluate, and question another person." 

In another word, "An interview is a formal conversation between two or more people where questions are asked by the interviewer to elicit the fact or statements from the interviewees."

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What are the types of interviews?

This can be classified based on the purpose to conduct an interview as follows: 

    T1. Selection Interview or Job Interview:

    So job interview constitutes the last phase of the year process for any candidate. The main aspect of the selection interview is to assess the suitability of the candidate for a specific job profile. This type of interview is generally conducted by the panel of the interview and this is an important decision for both the employer and the candidate. 


    T2. Stress Interview:

    This type of interview is specially conducted for assessing the ability of the interviewee to face a high level of mental pressure and stress. There are many jobs available in the market in which lots of hard work and stress handling is required in the candidate. Therefore stress interview is a must for the present generation. The method is used for the selection of the position in which the person should have the capability to face the difficult situation. During this interview, the interviewer can ask and check whether you can handle the stressful situation or not.

    T3. Appraisal or Annual Interview:

    This type of interview is especially conducted each year in any firm. This interview is held in order to judge the performance of an employee. Face to face conversation is an opportunity for both the employer and the supervisor to discuss several issues and to negotiate for the salary increments. This type of interview is conducted between employee and manager and the discussion can be made based on the work performance, job expectations, and possible areas of growth for the worker.


    T4. Promotion Interview:

    This type of interview is specially conducted by the organization to ensure that eligible employees deserve to move up in the higher hierarchy. The main objective of the promotion interview is to give an opportunity to the employee who meets the eligibility norms to get promoted. A promotional interview is specially conducted for the candidate who seeks to level up based on the performance and skill set and also to ensure that he or she will contribute to the company growth.

    T5. Reprimand Interview:

    This is a warning interview, conducted after the effort has been made to correct the employee's behavior and work. The main purpose to conduct this interview is to let a serious one employee know that his or her work and behavior are unsatisfactory and the management is displeased with his or her performance and work. Usually, this type of interview is given after the time an opportunity to explain himself and explanation has been considered unexpectable.

    T6. Exit Interview:

    An exit interview conducted by the organization for those employees who are is retiring or resigning after the notice period. In order to get feedback from the outgoing employee in a friendly manner.

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