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 How Does Smiling Affect Communication?

While you communicate with the person or deliver a speech in front of the audience, the speaker should start the speech with a smile. 
However, this is inappropriate for the message. A smile signal goodwill towards other listeners. 

How Does Smiling Affect Communication, Importance of Smile, Smile as a method of Nonverbal Communication

This is a powerful gesture for the speaker. 

If someone has stage fear and is not able to speak in front of a large audience, at the same time smiling helps to hide inner nervousness. Make the audience respond with a cute smile. 

When we smile we make comfort for our vocal cords, which is really helpful to make our voice more interesting. 

Since smiling is not just the option in front of the audience whenever delivering the speech, but other facial expressions showing interest, happiness, anger, surprise, fear, love, and disgust.

These also can make effective communication as per the level of voice and tone. Just transform it accordingly, that means not only smiling is powerful. 

If you smile all the time, you will look stupid in front of the audience. 
That is why, as per the situation of the story whichever you are delivering, just to jump into the expression.

You can also make a positive expression like happiness, surprise, and interest. 

"Smile as a method of Nonverbal Communication" 

This means, either in the formal or in a non-formal way, whenever we meet with our colleagues or friends and we don't want to speak something or say hello or feel sick, then we can just give smile on our face. 

This is enough because a non-verbally communicated with the people. You just showing your nonverbal smile. 
Therefore smile is a method of nonverbal communication. 

Importance of Smile:

As earlier told all the importance and benefits of smiling in front of an audience or any person.

Following are the major points which you gain from smiling: 

  • Smile always reflects your good-ness for others

  • The smile makes you comfortable to express easily 

  • When you smile you will feel better 

  • Smile also Boost your immune system, which helps you to feet and healthy 

  • The smile makes you fearless


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