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What is Communication Skill?

The word "communication" is derived from the Latin word "Communis", that means common. Thus, communication is a common sense or sharing of information, ideas, facts, opinion, attitudes, and understanding.

Communication is the process of transferring information between individuals and organizations. 
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    Types/Medium of Communication Skills: 

    1. Written communication: 

    Written communication implies the transmission of messages in white and black. 
    Everything in the form of paper, such as memos, telegrams, reports, forms, manuals, etc. everything that has to be written and transmitted in the written form and has to be written falls in written communication.

    2. Oral Communication:

    Oral communication implies the conveying of the message through speaking words. It may be either of face to face communication between individuals and include communication through telephone, public speech or intercom, etc. 
    Oral communication is economical, time-saving, immediate feedback, give the chance for clarification, personal touch, communication with the large public and flexible.

    3. Face-to-Face Communication:

    face to face communication can be done between two-people or among a group of people. 
    It may also assume the form of speech or addressed by one person to another audience. Face to face communication looks like oral communication but it is not so. 

    Example: Telephonic communication is oral communication but not a face to face communication. This has many advantages like- control over readers' attention, effects of facial expression and gestures, especially suitable for discussions.

    4. Visual Communication: 

    Facial expression and printed picture, gesture, posture, slides, film strips, etc. fall under visual communication. 
    In cinema houses, we look slide showing a lighted cigarette with a cross mark on it, which means it is clear to everybody "No Smoking".  
    Thus, communication through such visuals is very effective because it is sure and instantaneous.

    5. Electronic Communication: 

    The advantage of electronic communication has added some latest devices of communication technology. 
    These technologies have made the performance of communication more effective. 
    This can include- Tele-printer, Tele-writing, computer and computer-based communication, teleconferencing, etc.

    Communication is an exchange of ideas, emotions, facts, opinions by two or more people.

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