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How To Improve Pronunciation Skills?

In order to develop pronunciation skills, in any language the following things must be followed: 

    These are the golden tips by which you can develop your pronunciation skill and be a fluent speaker- 

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    Exercises To Improve Pronunciation Skills

    P1) Listen More: 

    As much as you can listen try to listen to the words which are spoken by others or any audio clip. Try to understand the stretch of words you can use headphones or earphones to listen clearly because you will pronounce the words after listening, that means if you read something and try to pronounce the word may be mistaken, but if you listen to others and pronounce accordingly, this will gives accurate result. 

    P2) Slow Down: 

    This means whenever you read something or speak something, try to slow down on the word in which the pronunciation went wrong. If you are wrong pronunciation for the first time then try to understand and recover from the next time. Make the habit of such and if possible try to repeat the words where the pronunciation is not correctly spoken. 

    P3) Vocal Exercise: 

    In order to develop your vocal cord and make a good pronunciation, the voice will so clearly, do the following exercise: 

    1. Sinhasana (Lion Pose):  This exercise helps you to improve the clarity of spoken words and it will develop your pronunciation skill as well. 

    How To Lion Pose: 

    • Lift your right ankle up to place it behind the left ankle. 
    • Make sure the perineum should push on top of the heels. 
    • Now press your palm firmly against your knees. 
    • Now take a deep inhale through the nose and stretch out your tongue to the chin. 
    • Make tighten up your throat muscle and don’t close your eyes during Asana or pose. 
    • Finally, exhale through the mouth with a powerful sound - ‘Ha…’ This should come from your stomach and wash up your throat. 
    • Focus in between your eyebrow. Repeat this for at least 15 min daily.
    1. Read Without Word(RWW): In this exercise, you have to just put your four fingers in a vertical way in your mouth. Now your mouth is completely blocked, then you have to read some paragraphs (Maybe 4 to 5 paragraphs or 2 to 3 pages of any book in the language on which you want to develop your pronunciation skill). This is the best technique comparatively others. You can find many vocal exercise practices from YouTube as well. 

    P4) Find A Mate: 

    In this technique, you have to find firstly the mate who is also speaking in the language in which you want to develop your pronunciation skill. Therefore find the right mate. Now make a good conversation with him or her. Choose the topic to discuss and try to understand you have to develop your pronunciation skills, therefore you have to be conscious of the words where you are always mistaken. Try to add and repeat the words where your pronunciation went wrong. This technique helps you and your mate as well. 

    P5) Use Google Dictionary: 

    If you search for any words in Google, Google Dictionary provides the meaning of the word as well, as the mouth icon on which the pronunciation of the word is shown and bottom of this icon and see the word pronunciation is also demonstrated. Using this Google properly is a lot beneficial while you're practicing the words. Google meaning and pronunciation can add more clarity to your speaking. 

    P6) Record Yourself: 

    This is the technique on which you have to record your voice by using any digital device, for more clarity you can use a microphone and listen to the words on which you have recorded. Find out the words which you have always got stuck. Now speak on these words and make any story and record it. Another way that you can do, read any storybook and record it, but make sure you are not reading any book or recording something but you are developing your pronunciation skills.

    P7) Add Stress To Words: 

    Again find out the words where your pronunciation gets stuck, now you have to make stress more and more and repeat the words three to four-time with high stress. Also during reading follow the same tips. 

    These all techniques enhance your pronunciation skills but anyway you have to more and more practice. As much as you practice you will improve and pronunciation skills by applying this technique to develop your native pronunciation as well and make the habit to improve daily. Be conscious of your mistakes and try to overcome those mistakes repeatedly. Good Luck!!


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