Effective Presentation Skills, Features, Planning & Techniques


Effective Presentation Skills

An effective presentation is a formal conversation with one or more people and presents the thought, ideas, and information in a very structured and clear manner. 

This is the presentation and its purpose is to let others one’s ideas, to persuade the audience, to explain them, to inform them, and present the point of view as per the personal experience and research.
One can deliver the audio and visual PPT presentation. This is a small knowledgeable seminar, business meeting, or audience conference.

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Effective presentation skills could be developed by practicing in the consideration of the audiences.

What is an oral presentation?

An oral presentation is a form of oral communication in which a person can share information with a particular audience. A successful presentation can be done more than the availability of adequate material with the speaker. The idea on which one can deliver a good oral presentation in which a good essential of presentation required. Oral presentations require effective presentation skills so that ideas could be shared easily.

The main features of an effective presentation could be:

F1. Right Content:

The content which is being delivered should be appropriate to the audience. An effective presentation can be failed if the idea is very complicated to understand or it is too simple for the audience. Your audience should not felt in any way that whatsoever is being told is  boring or irrelevant.

F2. Proper Language:

Yes!! language absolutely matter while presenting the presentation. For example, if the audience is from a non-technical background the language should not much technical and the vice-a-versa. Graphic and concrete language could help the audience to feed in their mind easily and in a pictorial way. Therefore use the language which is more understandable for your audience to effective presentation skills.

F3. Well Prepared:

You must have the knowledge on the topic and as much as the possible question should be prepared by the presenter that could be asked by the audience. This could be a practice before one or two days of presentation. Also, you need to create a well PPT with visual ads, illustrations and statistical information. You need to add the required materials during the presentation. You can just write down short headlines on a sticky note.

F4. Logical Sequence:

The audience can understand the presentation easily when the idea is very smooth, therefore make the sequence in a logical form in which the audience should not go back and forth like a book reading in which mostly mentioned: “read in the previous chapter”. To overcome this, you need to well prepared.

F5. Brief and Accurate:

When you present you must ensure that your presentation is always accurate and brief. This is obvious that the length of your presentation can vary as per the subject you choose. But it must be accurate and brief it should not contains any extra content. Only mention the headlines on your PPT, while you create. Instead of defining all the definitions of the headlines and while you presenting just read all those definitions, this is a really negative and boring presentation for the audience. You need to be prepared with the headlines to deliver what exactly all those.

F6. Dress and Body Movement:

During the presentation, your dress code and gesture should draw attention to the presentation rather than you. As a presenter, you need to maintain proper body language and the moment of your body rather than to just stand in one place. Maintain proper eye contact with the whole audience, not to gaze at a single person you must be confident and relaxed this also shows how good and effective your personality is. Develop your presentation skills by maintaining proper body language.

Planning for the effective presentation (Develop Your Presentation Skills By Effective Planning):


In order to enhance your presentation, this is very important to plan before the presentation and this effective presentation planning should be filtered out with these 5 Wh questions:

W1. Why(The Purpose):

This is the purpose, you need to build, why you are presenting. The purpose might be to inform, to persuade, to educate, or to influence the audience or it might be some innovative thought you gonna present to the audience or in the form. As a presenter, you also have to think about why the audience is here. That means audience objective is also matters and what benefits and knowledge could be gained by the audience from the presentation.

W2. Who(The audience):  

Know the audience before the presentation, you must make sure that who is your audience? and what are their backgrounds? because who is your listener and you need to think about the listener’s education, status, knowledge, and personality. 

Prepare the content according to them, what are their interest requirement and needs. What is their language? for example on which background or profession they belong to, like manufacturing, finance, sales, marketing, or production. Also, you need to ensure that what are their responsibilities on their job like a sales process or the business relationship with your company and you need to understand why the audience will give value to your presentation.

W3. Where(The Venue):

Make sure where you should have to deliver your presentation, Is this a conference or seminar hall? Is this room small or big? where is your sitting arrangement? what kind of equipment for the presentation is available? is it enough or need to arrange more? These all questions should be done during the planning phase of the presentation.

W4. When(The Time):

In any profession, time is a must and the audience as well, therefore, schedule your presentation time starting and end and at the same time you need to finish your presentation. Also, make the last 10 to 15 minutes for any question audience could ask. You can use the Google calendar to schedule and to invite the audience. This is more easy and helpful.

W5. What(The Topic):

Yes!! The subject matter, the topic on which you are delivering your presentation and give the answer on the content of your presentation - what would be interested in the audience? what type of audio and visual ads would be required for the audience? how much detail should be done and how much descriptive? should plan.

All these presentation skills & techniques helpful for the students, professionals, business, workplace, or resume to mention. These effective presentation skills techniques will helpful for you as you looking for.



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