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How should the candidate prepare for the interview?

An interview is a dynamic communication between two or more people, therefore the candidate must be prepared for the interview before attending. This could be a biggest mistake if you attend the interview without knowing points which is described below.

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If you are an interviewee, then you need to prepare in the following ways:

    P1. Know The Organisation:

    Before attending an interview you can research the company by their official website on which you are seeking the job. You should find out as much as the information about the company, culture, growth, and its future prospects.

    Glassdoor is also helpful for the candidate on which you can find out the reviews and feedback about the company. Lots of information available regarding the company and if you find the respective company in the Glassdoor. It would be helpful for your preparation.


    P2. Self Analysis:

    In this, you need to make sure whether you are the fit and right candidate for this job or not. You need to match all the requirements of the posted job and compare it with your skillset and experience. 

    You also have to make sure that this job is for your inner fulfillment, fame, wealth, position in society, comfort, etc. Before applying for the job, you must ensure that why you are applying for this job, this is actual self-analysis. 

    P3. Prepare for the Question:

    Before attending the interview you must have to anticipate the questions that you will probably be asked and also prepare the answer to deliver. You need to be clear in your mind about the answer and also make sure to make the answer short and sweet. It should be concise and clear and to the point, which means the interviewer should not ask come again, or can you repeat, please. 

    Therefore as much as you can practice for the possible questions that could be asked. If you have any kind of stammering problem then also practice some vocal exercise so that your voice and the pronunciation of your words should be clear. 

    Because only 15 to 20 minutes taken by the interviewer to assess your whole knowledge and information. Therefore be ready in all aspects either technical or non-technical. Some basic questions could be asked by the interviewer.

    P4. Prepare the question that you would like to ask the Interviewer:

    After the completion of your interview, most of the interviewer offers - “Would you like to ask any question?” Be gently and ask gently! Don't say I don't want to ask any question if you are really interested in the same job profile. 

    This question is common for all types of interviews, therefore you can have good preparation to answer this question. You can ask related the company information, your salary (for fresher not recommended). 

    P5. Arriving at the Interview:

    Last but not the least, this is again the preparation to arrive at the interview destination. The following terms on which you need to be prepared: 

    Dress Appropriately: While attending the interview, your clothes as well as your physical presence should be neat and clear, your finger should be cleaned, shoes must be polished, the hairstyle should appropriate. Take a glass of water be confident and enter. 

    Take all your Certificates: If you got information about certificates, testimonial and other documents are required to carry. Check your interview later on in which the certificates are mentioned if you think any other document or paper can be required must carry all those documents during the interview. 

    Reach the Venue before the Time:
    Make sure you have to reach the venue before 15 to 20 minutes at the scheduled time. This will give enough time to relax and prepare yourself for the interview and also you can utilize this 15 to 20 minutes for taking a deep breath. 

    If possible then try to do inhale and exhale slowly. Finally, wait outside or reception unless the manager is asked to enter the interview room. All The Best!!

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