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What are Top sales interview questions?

When you attend a sales interview, you will face these basic questions. The common idea for answering the question should be known. Either you a fresher or experienced, based on your notion write all the answer in various effective way. This would be a good practice. 

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Sales job interview questions

Before attending an interview know about the company type. In sales-related questions employers ask for two types of questions - If you applying related to B.P.O., they will just focus on your communication & interpersonal skills. But if you applying for B.D.A.(Business development associate) or B.D.E. (Business development executive), their main target to judge the candidate would be the buying & selling strategies. 

Let's practice these top 10 sales interview questions:

    Q1. How can you sell sunglasses to a blind person?

    This type of question could ask during sales or marketing interviews. This looks pretty typical when heard the first time. But, all the questions could analyze in a smart way and answer accordingly. "Sell a sunglass to a blind person" is also the same type of question. However, To wear sunglasses for a blind person is useless but one pair of sunglasses could sell in a way to let him/her that if you wear this, nobody will judge you whether you blind or not.

    Q2. How can you sell a fish to Brahmin?

    While answering this question, make the positive & useful thought for the Brahmin. How Brahmin can buy a fish? This should be convinced to save the life of fish, to store in the aquarium, for good luck, good fortune,

    "8000 years back, when people don't know about fisheries, our ancestors used to do fisheries on big & small pond. I'm not even asking you to eat this fish, just buy it to store in the aquarium and as you know the story, one of the 10 avatars (incarnations) of the Hindu god Vishnu. And, often described as the first of Vishnu's 10 avatars -Matsya Avatar."

    Q3. What are three things that you should always keep in mind in sales?

    The three important traits that should always keep in mind if you are a salesperson.
    These three things are: 

    Customer: As customer & client is the god for a salesperson. This is important to understand them very well & make happy relation with them. Be polite while you interacting & note down the points which are important. Describe how's the customer important in sales while answering this question.

    Commitment: In all sales jobs, it is important to meet the target & commitment that you've set. This could be described very well by the interviewee in a way of daily life commitments and success on these commitments.

    Convince: The interviewee needs to describe this how's unique strategy and techniques he/she's following to convince someone. Don't think you are answering this point to the interviewer, just think about your daily life or childhood. If you need something then how to make someone believe on.

    Q4. Sale cloud to me in 1 minute.

    Ask the interviewer that their means cloud as a gaseous air or tech platform. Then answer, sell the value of the cloud in the information technology. As the storage, your client can get the benefit to store large data and show them how's this would help to scale-up their business. The answer should be as short and crisp as the one minute given.

    Q5. What you will do if you are not selected for this company?

    This is a little negative question asked by the interviewer, but be positive and answer this question. The main motive to ask this question is to check the self-confidence level of the candidate. Therefore, never be agree with this question. If you are applying for this position then you are the fit candidate for this job role, show the interviewer. The simple answer would be:

    "As per my qualifications & skills, I'm sure I will be selected for this position(make the trust in yourself and don't immediately agree with interviewer, they want to check your self-confidence). If I don't get selected for this company, I will continue to look forward and I will try to up-skill myself based on the flaws."

    "I would love to know my flaws, that why I'm not fit for this position & I'll improve myself."

    "I'm very much excited to work in this organization, yet I'm not get selected, I'll rectify myself and attend for next job interview in this organization in a couple of months."

    Q6. How can you sell the product to educate and uneducated two different people?

    This question must be asked by the interviewer in different ways. And as a candidate, you should also be ready to answer this question very well. Dealing with products, you will always meet with two kinds of people either educated or uneducated. For both kinds of people interviewer wants to know the strategy you will follow to convince them.
    For Educated Person:

    "This would be easy for me to convince the literate person, I'll just need to describe and detail about the product. The only review will require and show its quality. A literate person can easily understand the quality brands."

    For Uneducated Person:
    "I'll need to make a little effort to show the quality and benefit from this product. I'll be trying to find out the thought and requirements of what this person is looking for? I'll show the value and quality of this product by putting some examples and relate with their native thoughts."

    Q7. How you will sell the product if the customer does not want to buy it?

    If the customer needs this product then, we only need to showcase the quality & value of this product. Following are the rules to sell the products:

    • Be natural & don't use unnecessary scripts
    • Ask the customer or client for the improvement
    • Prove that this product is better than those offered by the competitor
    • Initiate your further conversation
    • Try to specify the positive characteristics of the customer
    • Show yourself as a business consultant, advisor & representative
    • Finally, let the customer decide on the next step.


    Q8. What makes you a good salesperson?

    The interviewer wants to know the strategy you follow to continuous improvement on sales. If you have any personal unique show it. If you have any source of motivation that always pushes you for better sales and meets the target. Also highlight your soft & hard skills, your experience, and the quality that you possess. You can put any examples that you'd face. Showcase how you overcome challenges and that makes you a better version of yourself.

    Q9. How did you land your most successful sale?

    Tell the coherent story to the interviewer, that you overcame the challenges and meet your goal. Sum up this story in a few but descriptive points. Also, describe how the process went successfully. This question would be asked for the experienced only.

    Q10. Would you lie to make a sale?

    Confidently say "NO", lying is done basically for the poor product and skills. As we providing the value & quality to the customer, not selling the product. If we lie customer will buy only at the first time, then they will never reach to us and also this is disrespect for the customer. Making good customer relations will be our long-term customer and trust. Thus, I would never lie either for personal or business goals. There's always an honorable way to succeed in sales.

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    In each sales interview, make sure the interviewer’s perspective. This would make you understand easily if you have already researched about the company. Even if you have a psychological personality then also you can read the mind of the interviewer and you can answer what exactly interviewer aspect. Be open and transparent because you are not a guy who needs this job but the job needs you.

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