Interpersonal Skills Definition | Top 5 Interpersonal Skills


Interpersonal Skills Definition 

Interpersonal skills are also known as social skills. Either in verbal or non-verbal ways one can interact in such a way that behavior and tactics should be used in an effective manner. This can be done by two or a group of people. 

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Top 5 Interpersonal Skills

How to improve interpersonal skills? 


Communication plays a vital role in interpersonal skills. For example Effective speaking and listening skills. This is not one skill which required only in the workspace or for professionals but this could be applied to all people who are having day-to-day conversations with others. 

Thus don’t be shy to develop your interpersonal skills. The education you have can be not useful after a certain age when you retire or are not at work. But interpersonal skills will be used unless you die.


Following are the top 5 interpersonal skills:

    S1. Effective Relationship:

    Either at the workspace or with any mate whom you meet professionally or casually you need effective relations and interpersonal skills. This shows how effective a communicator you are. In the workspace, it is important to communicate effectively with a colleague and let them flexibility with you. This could make your career one step ahead. Thus build an effective relationship with everyone.

    S2. Effective Body Language:

    While communicating, you need to take care of your body language. Not only to communicate verbally but non-verbal communication also matters. Maintain your gestures and posture as well. These two terms play a vital role in communicating with others. Try to build some of the techniques of body language to improve interpersonal skills which can make it more useful during your conversation.

    The following body language is needed during interaction:

    • Eye Contact
    • Facial Expression
    • Gesture
    • Posture
    • Handshaking
    • Smile, etc.

    Talk Less, Express More...

    S3. Effective Collaboration:

    In the workspace or at home one needs to collaborate with others. Not just to participate but also to put great ideas and thoughts which can improve team productivity. Don’t be shy or hesitate to share your ideas and thoughts with the team. Be open-minded and collaborate with yourself like a good team player. Make sure to clarify your ideas in your mind before expressing them to others and continuously balance your interpersonal skills.

    S4. Take Feedback:

    In order to test whether you are communicating well or not, you can take feedback from whom you talk with. This could help to improve your communication and interpersonal skills. You can also follow the DESC (Describe, Express, Specify, Consequences) Feedback Technique.

    S5. Active Listening:

    As effective speaking important in interpersonal skills, similarly, effective listening is equally important. Thus be a good listener and follow some tips to improve your listening skills. This gives more to understand and learn from others. Try to cluster out and analyze the message that is relevant to you and let these message to enter in your subconscious.


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