What is Group Discussion and its Importance?


What is Group Discussion?

Group discussion is a kind of meeting but it could not be held up for the long period. In this type of discussion, you don't have unlimited time to speak. You have to speak from point to point. In order to have free oral interaction, discuss ideas, and share thoughts, a particular group of people meets together.

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GD is conducted in various interview rounds and many organizations prefer to solve their problems. This is a good personality test for evaluating the candidate and this also helps to shortlist candidates during final interviews.

While participating in GD, you have to follow some important points which could make your group discussion effective:

S1. Listen to the topic carefully:

The first and foremost thing you need to note down is the topic is being told by the interviewer for the GD. You need to carry one notebook or a piece of paper on which you can write anything because it is very important and recommended during group discussions.

S2. Define the topic:

After getting the topic and understanding the perspective of the group discussion topic to be discussed, you need to define this topic. The introduction of this topic could be done by any member of the group. You can also initiate the group discussion.

S3. Put down your thought on paper:

After getting the topic you will get a 5 to 10 in order to prepare for the topic and think about the topic and in this period you can write down all measure headlines in your notebook. So that you can narrate according to your headlines. For all the major points which are coming into your mind write down those.

S4. Analyze its scope and implication:

Try to find out what are the implication and scope of the given topic. Must ensure that: what are the good things that could help or make the benefits for everyone apart from contradictions?

S5. Initiate the discussion if you know the topic very well:

If you are good about this topic then you can initiate this discussion on your own but you must ensure that you need to greet the panel before initiating the discussion. Then start with some unique points relevant to the topic in the introduction part.

S6. Listen to others:

As we always recommend listening is the most important aspect. If you are not aware of the topic, then listen to others what are their thoughts and their views and then find out the right point for you. If you want to develop your effective listening skills then you can the source of how to be an effective listener?

Importance of a group discussion:


I1. To solve a problem:

This could be one reason why group discussion is being held in any organization. In this, a group of people meet together and share their thoughts and ideas to solve any kind of challenging problem. This is mainly held during the economic crisis in which all experts share their views and idea to construct the solution faced by the organization.

I2. To build a strong team:

Sometimes it shows that in a group of people conflict arises, due to various minds and thoughts, to overcome all these conflicts and contradictions in a team, the organization can make a small GD with the group of people so that they can interact with each other in an effective manner. This helps to build a strong team.

I3. To improve communication and interpersonal skills:

Group discussion also helps to build good communication and interpersonal skills,l in which a group of people communicates in an effective manner and with as much as possible clarity shows during the conversation. This is good practice for How communicating with a group of people with confidence and good speaking skill?

I4. To improve listening skills:

Group discussion is also the source of good listening skills while a group of people communicates with each other. Listening plays a very important role for each participant in GD. Listening helps to boost understanding about the topic and helps to gain experience from those topics. Therefore develop effective listening skills which will definitely help you during any kind of GD.

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