What are Job Search Skills for Fresher and Experienced?


To grab any opportunity is as simple as publishing it. This could vary from person to person based on the personal skills set and focused towards a career.
Once you define the job clearly for which you are looking & your purpose is, you'll be able to search for a perfect and dream job

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Job Search Skills

Job search skills,

  • This Will help you to set your objective & purpose to search for a better job.
  • This Will guide you to job hunting techniques
  • This Will help you to create your network
  • This Will help you to take prior steps in your career
  • This Will help you to switch to the new career domain

Now, let's begin with setting your objective & purpose:

    Objective & Purpose:

    These are the first steps to move on to career goals. The purpose should be clear, why you are looking for a job. Your objective should be defined and fixed. Before moving and define it identify the following points:

    • What is your career domain?
    • In which field you can work?
    • What would be future scopes?
    • How will you & your learning skill improve?
    • Does this make you value?
    • What if you won't fit after joining?
    • Why do you want this job?
    • Am I ready for all challenges? etc.

    The above points should be clear and research more about it. We'll let you know the platforms on which you can research the company. Based on these points your objective should be defined.

    Build Unique Resume:

    Once your objective is fixed, let's form a unique resume based on these objectives & the skill set you have. Don't overfill & don't use many colorful templates. Make it simple & sweet and only add relevant points. Make sure you have to mention the skills and details but don't describe each and everything. This would be done during the interview.

    You can find various mobile apps & online platforms for building a unique and creative resume. This will help you to build your resume in simple steps.

    You can add soft skills on your resume instead core skills:-

    What soft skills should I put on Resume?

    Now let's move ahead...

    Job Portal For Experienced:

    If you are experienced then it is easy to switch to any other jobs. But, you can build your profile 100% on various platforms like LinkedIn, Naukri, Indeed, Monster, Shine, etc. If you are using any of the coding contests (for Developer) on Codeforces, CodeChef, HackerEarth, or hackerrank, etc. then you can directly meet with the recruiter based on the scores. This is a simple way to showcase your talent. Otherwise, the mentioned job portal will help you to get a call luckily.

    Job Portal For Fresher:

    Firstly target to get hired in campus recruitment. This is only a simple way to get a job and make a pace on the first career. If you won't get on placements then apply for the off-campus drive, conducted by various big multinational companies like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, Tata motor, Cognizant, etc.
    You can participate in employability online exams such as AMCAT, COCUBES, ELITMUS, etc. with the pH Score from the test, you'll get opportunities from all affiliated companies.

    For a fresher, we don't recommend going with any other job portal, but you can create your good profile on LinkedIn and apply for the job. If you know any of the companies have a requirement that matches your profile then you can directly send them to your resume and profile on mentioned HR or recruiter email.

    Create Your Network:

    If you have a good network-related profession there are more chances to get the opportunity. Follow some simple steps to create a network:

    Focus on the right person: Be sure about the person with whom you're gonna make a connection. This is in regards to your career so focusing on the right person is most important. There are many social platforms on which you can genuinely create your right network. Most recommended LinkedIn.

    Start Following: After finding the right person for your network then start following them. Contact them for a good reference. Don't pay anyone if you unfortunate found such people who asked for money. Make a good conversation and let them know what you are looking for. But don't be in a hurry, share your skills and experience and your next plan. Then ask if they have such a reference in their company they let you know.

    In the overall journey to find the right & dream job, you have to be fully dedicated & be confident in your skills & potential.

    I want to switch career:

    Switching a career after good exposure & experience is the best rather than switch immediately. As you decided to switch your career to a different field, then start making your profile and fulfill the requirements of that field. 

    First of all, start analyzing the fields required for knowledge & skills. After developing or training yourself with these skills you can start building your resume and update your profile details. 

    List out the required qualification & skills for such jobs then you can start preparing for it. Some of the skills are mandatory for the job, thus make sure to cover them and be ready for the interview. 

    Switching a career is a good way to explore & learn new things. But make the right time when it is good to switch careers in other fields. Good Luck!!


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