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Why do you want this job? This question can be asked by the interviewer but you have to be ready before attending the interview. You might have the clear-cut answer for this question as per your knowledge but anyway if you mistake to answer your views, could be a misunderstanding by the interviewer. 

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Therefore give specific and to the point answer. If you are unclear why you are applying for this post then you need to make an abstract and a clear reason to join this company and to get hired in such a profile for which you are applying. If you have a clear answer then make it concise, make it proper else start to build the following step. 

    Steps To Build Clear Plan To Getting This Job: 

    S1. Make Specific Reason: 

    Write down this reason in a pen and paper and make a plan accordingly, why this job profile is important for you? If you don't have any reason for such a profile then you can build it from a money perspective from this job. 

    S2. Research About Role:

    Write down all the necessary things and the benefits of the job profile in your diary and explore from the internet to find out what are the scopes of this job profile in the future and how this job can make your life completely change. 

    S3. Keep Practice:

    Start practice to give a concise answer to this question and write down again it in your diary. Now be a focus on the question to answer, the point which you need to make sure 

    P1. Be Enthusiastic:

    Yes answering this question with enthusiasm and confidence can make you right alignment and this will make more understandable for the interviewer. The interviewer can also further make the related questions as per your answer that is why to be specific on your answer.

    P2. Company Interest: 

    However, you love this job profile for which you are applying but also you need to understand how this company can make changeable on you with such a job profile. For this, you need to visit the company website and explore more and more about the company so that you can expose the benefit of joining the company for such a profile. Also, make a  sample point in a comparison basis on how this company is good for the job profile comparatively to others. This can also excite the interviewer and he or she will know you have already explored the company. This can reduce the number of questions from the interviewer because the next question after "why do you want this job?" can be, "why should I hire you?" This question will not be asked by the interviewer if you give a good answer in the first question that is why I will be confident whichever answer you are delivering to the interviewer.

    P3. Your Interest: 

    You need to showcase your skills and experience in such a field. Make sure the job role you have chosen which is related to your interest and skills. You might work with the different companies and different positions but if you want to explore more on which you never worked, this might be also one of the reasons for the role on which you are applying.

    P4. Long Term Career: 

    You might have a step-by-step plan from the fresher level and you want to reach in the high job profile after gaining some experience and you are pushing yourself step by step for the next level. Make your career tragedy to reach your goal and go through that only. 

    Sample answer (Why do you want this job?) for Two Types of Jobs: 

    1. Non-Technical (Customer Support): 

    "I love customer support because I love human interaction and satisfaction that is a really good experience in helping someone and solve their problems."

     (Also share your good views to the company) "I have always been explored by this company. This is working absolutely hard undoubtedly. So I want to be part of this company.

    1. Technical (Data Scientist): 

    "I want to learn the new technology which is coming and equally, I want to transform myself from this learning for which this company best suit my long term.

    You can showcase what you want in the future, which technology you want to learn for example Data Science, include such job profile and you can give your answer as follows: 

    "Sir, I want to become a data scientist. As a fresher, I want to start my career from this job profile, as per my knowledge and research this company best suit for my future plan". 

    Note: Don't say “Your company”, always say “This company” thinks like you are already the part of this company.


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