HR Interview Questions And Answers For Fresher And Experienced


These are some common questions for all corporate jobs. After shortlisted from various rounds, most of the company make a final round i.e. HR round. In this round, not domain-specific but some personal and soft skills related question asked. This is also called PI (persona interview).

This could be conducted either face to face or remote like Skype or Telephonic ways.

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In this round, the candidate must be open-minded and soft to deliver the answer. Because this is not any technical or logical type of questions, thus always open your mind and give each answer with politeness.

Top Hr Interview questions and answers are as:

Q1. Tell me something about yourself?

This is a common and very first question for fresher and experience. This lets the interviewer know about you. In the few minutes of your introduction interviewer can easily judge, how are your communication and interpersonal skill is. To answer this question, the candidate also makes the base for a long conversation and increases the confidence level. Therefore it would be lucky if the interviewer asks this question.

How To answer:

"I'm {Full Name}. I've done my {Graduation or Post Graduation} from {College/University Name} in {Pass out year}. I got {percenatage(%)/CGPA} in {Graduation or Post Graduation}, {{percenatage(%)/CGPA} in 12Th and {percenatage(%)/CGPA} in 10Th. I've {Total Family} members in my family. My father is {Father occupation} and mother is {Mother occupation}. I'm interested in {Your domain interest}. I'm passionate about {Your passion}. This would be a great opportunity for me if I would be a part of this organization."

"Sir let me start with something which is not mentioned in my resume. I love {Your domain interest}. You know why because it gives me an opportunity to be {Your Strength} every time. It's not like doing a day to day job. I love interacting with people and I try to understand their challenges, their problems, and their issues. And of course, then I deliver it."


Q2. Why do you want this job?

The interviewer wants to know about the reason behind applying for this job role. Be ready to answer this question. The answer may be based on your salary, interest, comfort, or future goal. But answer this question in a useful manner for the interviewer. So that interviewer can judge your perspective for applying for this job.

How To answer:

"Sir, I love {Your domain interest}. As I research the organization, my skills, and interests matching your requirements. This job role is my {interest, comfort, or future goal} and I would like to see myself as {Job position} in 5 years."
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Q3. What is your greatest strength?

Before the interview, you must make sure what are your strength. If you have multiple strengths then filter out the greatest strength out of it. Write down this strength in the paper. Common strength in all candidates are:

  • Adaptability
  • Hardworking
  • Flexibility
  • Optimistic
  • Honest
  • Self Motivated
  • Decision Making
  • Persistence, etc

How To answer:

"Sir, I'm honest, self-motivated and adaptable {boy/girl} with a positive attitude towards my career and goal."
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Q4. What are your weaknesses?

However, you have the greatest strength but also let the interviewer what is your weakness? Your weakness should not look odious. Give the gracious and gentle answer.

How To answer:

"I'm a bit lazy about which I'm not interested. But I’m sometimes required to do so because of importance and relevance, therefore I'm trying to overcome these flaws. I'm also, trying to make one understanding the importance of such things and instead of abhorring, I'm loving it."
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Q5. What are your salary expectations?

 It would be easy if the candidate knew about the salary structure of the firm. In this case, you could make the right and expected negotiation to the HR otherwise more research about the company and the salary they offer for the position. This question is a bit easy for experience candidates.

How To answer:

For Experience:

“I was getting $ XYZ + Incentives at my last job, I’m expecting at least 10-20% more of it.” (This is short & sweet) (Experience Only)

For Fresher:

“Sir, I’m starting my career with this organization, and as fresher learning is my first priority. I would be happy if a salary is offered based on company norms, my qualifications, and interview.” (Fresher Only)
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Q6. Would you lie for the company?

 This is a question could ask to check how honest you are for the company. Be honest and keep your integrity with the company and answer honestly. This is unfair for the organization or a brand if the employee itself lies about it. Therefore, the situation may be anything, be true on the product or the service you provide.

How To answer:

"No, I don't lie to customers or anyone for the company. There are many ways to meet and succeed to achieve the goal. This is not a good option for this reputed and trustworthy organization. This could be good for short-term achievements but in the long run customer or clients never trust the organization. Therefore, I don't prefer to lie for the organization in any way."


Q7. What do you know about this company?

For this question, our recommendation would be to research more and more to the company’s official site and glassdoor before attending the interview. Read from the about section and make a very well understanding of the company. For example Company's culture, mission, vision, values, products, services, clients, technology, etc.

How To answer:

 "As I research on a company website that this is one of the reputed company that you serve {Company's culture, mission, vision, values, products, services, clients, technology}. This company has a good culture and that is why I was excited to apply for this job when I saw it posted on the company website."


Q8. Are you willing to reallocate?

This answer could vary for all candidates. Based on your suitability, you can answer this question. But make sure mostly company need a candidate those who can reallocate. The reason is the company have offices in the different cities and according to requirement, the company sent the employees in the various locality. Therefore, say yes if possible or give a reason why you can't reallocate.

 How To answer:

If Yes,

"This is a great opportunity for me to work for this organization as {Job role}. I'm comfortable to shift in any city. Thus, I'm absolutely willing to reallocate."

If No,
"This is a great opportunity for me to work for this organization as {Job role}. I enjoy this area and would love to further my career, especially with this organization."


Q9. Are you a good team player?

In the organization team and a team player is mandatory. No one work as an individual in the organization. However, the task is distributed to all team members but each needs to connect in any way. Therefore, you can't say "NO". The company needs a good team player if you want to be - How To Be a Good Team Player?

How To answer:

 "As I have worked individually and with the team and have success in both. I have the ability to interact with others and show respect. I also have leadership quality and manage the team honestly. I would love to connect with the team and understand their issues and challenges."
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Q10. What will you do if you are not selected?

First and foremost, be confident and don't disappoint when you listen to this question. Don't give an answer in a way that you have other options. Make a strong point that you are the right and best-fit candidate for the job profile and the company is looking for. Show your skills and company requirements and in all cases, you need to think you are only the candidate who will shortlist for this job profile.

How To answer:

"Sir, my skills are matching your requirements. Thus, I'm sure, I'll shortlist for this position. But in any way, it does not select then, I would love to know my shortcomings and continuous improvement is my passion. Thereafter, I'll analyze the flaws and work hard to remove them."


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