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What Is Your Greatest Strength?

When you apply for any job or if you are a fresher and looking for the job and post your resume to any company or you might attend the on-campus placement, you must face HR round for which domain you are applying. You might offer from a technical background, you might from Commerce or sales. You must be aware of what exactly your strength is?
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So that you can confidently give your answer to HR. Most of the corporate companies conduct different round in their interview procedure for the fresher. In all these rounds written test is mandatory for most of the companies and which is first round you will face. 

Once you shortlist than the second round is based on the domain-specific. 

For example, if you belong to IT, then your next round will be a technical interview round, after that the final round which is common for all company is HR round.

The domain may vary but the final round is always HR round(Sometimes the company also conducts HR round in the first round). In this round interviewer can ask the different questions related to psychology, related to your personal lifestyle and what you mention on your resume.

In this time the interviewer generally asks- Tell me something about yourself? What are your hobbies? What are your strength and weaknesses? etc.

Most of the time candidates confused about hobby and strength. If they ask about the strength most of the candidates answer their hobby. So hobby is a just different thing and strength is just different.

Hobby maybe your interest but strength carries all your capabilities and the potential which you have. Thus, makes sure what is your strength? and not only just write all your strength but also be prepared for all those strengths.

We have some sort of way example to give a very concise and clear answer to this question- What are your greatest strength? First and foremost you have to identify what are the list of strengths you have? 

Common strength for all candidates are-

  • Adaptability
  • Flexibility
  • Hardworking
  • Optimistic
  • Honest
  • Decision-making
  • Self-motivated
  • Persistent, etc
are explained below but let's take an example to answer the question instead of to deliver your strength by listing, you can answer the question in a very specific and clear way-

Sir, I am an honest, self-motivated, and adaptable boy with a positive attitude towards my career and my goal.

The simple and sweet answer, isn't it?

You won't have to explain and list all the strengths that you have. You have to only list the top  4 or 5.

Short description of all these greatest strengths are as follows:


When you are adaptive to any environment and adjust yourself to any situation.


The ability to change easily or modified the thing without any external interruption.


Those who are diligent for laboring and finishes the task, for example, those who are working more than 12 hours every day diligently.

Design making:

The action or the process of making Important decisions thoughtfully, deliberately, and include all factors.

These Strengths may help you for your HR round but be prepared for all your list of strengths so that you can answer confidently to the HR. Be honest for every time don't just rote all the strength but be specific and why you think this is your greatest strength?

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