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What are your weaknesses sample answer?

However you might have the greatest strength, these may be many more but each and every person has their weaknesses as well, however you have the technique to overcome your weaknesses. But afterward, the next weakness can be populated. That is why be clear whichever your current weakness is and focus on that and give answers accordingly.

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The following are Weaknesses with Sample Examples: 

    W1. Lazy On Uninterested: 

    Suppose you are a bit lazy on which you are not interested, you can answer this question, “Sir I am a bit lazy about what I am not interested in and I've always tried to went away from, but I am trying to overcome these flaws.” 

    Apart from interest also do focus on the importance and priorities in the industry. For any sector of job, you cannot work a single task for a long time. You will have to work in a different and variety of task can be given by the seniors or manager. 

    Therefore interviewer also looking the quality in a candidate who can work in a different category of the task and the above answer can change your weakness and he or she can understand you will make some better on such. 

    W2. Self Criticism: 

    This can also be one of the weaknesses in the candidate on which he or she is always criticized. Whichever work they are doing, you can answer this question in a way, “Sir I do always criticize myself whenever I do a small mistake, however, I achieve the big success but a small failure compelled me to criticize myself.  Now I am overcoming these flaws and I’m making myself happy on which I am doing good instead of more focused on the failure and negativity. I am just finding the source of positivity.” 

    W3. Extremely Introvert: 

    If you feel extremely introvert then you can answer during the interview, “I don't like the crowd and I always want the place on which I can work on myself. I always trying to find out the place on which no one disturbing me even I don't like to meet with other people but I am trying to overcome this extremely introvert personality and transforming it into a small  interaction with others.” 

    W4. Extremely Extrovert: 

    If you feel extremely extrovert then you can answer during the interview, “I can't stay or sit in one single place and I always try to you come among the people. When somebody talks to me, I feel always positive and work very confidently but completely extrovert is the biggest flaws in my career as well. Because sometimes need to be the part of introvert personality as well, so I am trying to overcome this weakness and balancing my extrovert and introvert personality.” 

    W5. Straight Forward: 

    This might be the biggest weakness in the candidate and if you have then you can mention in your resume or you can tell during interview. A sample answer would be, “Sir I am a big straight forward I need always simplicity instead of complexity. I never want to go on a deep level or make any complexity in any condition. Due to this, I ask various questions on the topic but I am trying to understand that a deep understanding is also a must. This enhances the level of knowledge and understanding.” 

    Apart from these weaknesses, you can  mention such as: 

    • Impatient
    • Too Sensitive 
    • Insecure 
    • Too Talkative 
    • Too Detail Oriented 
    • Presentation skill 
    • Public Speaking
    • Trust People Very Quickly, etc.



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