Purpose of Meetings | What are the Importance of Meetings?


Purpose of Meetings | What are the Importance of Meetings?

To conduct an effective meeting you should clearly define the purpose of a meeting it's very important for the purpose you are calling a meeting so that participants get ready and well prepare for the meeting
A meeting has a different purpose and different invitees can be selected for the meeting. 

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What is the Importance of Meetings?

The following are the important purpose for which the meeting can hold:

    P1. To Convey Information: 

    Each can be one reason to conduct a meeting in the organization. The information can be anything. It might be your client's requirement to be discussed any terms and conditions or policy changes in the organization. It might be an appraisal kind of information, it might be any disaster or any leave-related information or any employees getting terminated or new employees joining the group. Much information can be shared with the team or a group of people.

    P2. To Take a Decision: 

    This may be another reason why you might conduct the meeting. The decision may be anything like changing the environment, changing the workspace, changing the way of working, and delivering things. Especially in the startup company made decisions and these decisions, especially for the company growth and how the organization can boom. 

    P3. To Solve Problems: 

    In the organization many times it is shown that various problems arose. It may be a technical problem, it may be a personal problem, or it may be a conflict among employees. This might be the reason why you are conducting the meeting to solve problems and specific people chosen for the meeting to solve the problems. If it is related to technical then technical persons are invited to solve the problems. If this is a conflict between two people so these two employees called for a meeting and senior authorities are also invited so that they can resolve the problems.

    P4. To Exchange Ideas and Experience: 

    All company wants to grow their company and this is the reason why always new ideas and experience is required in any firm. The new idea came out from a new mind and a fresh mind so that they can implement it for the company's growth and this is the reason why the meeting is conducted. Especially those people who have great thoughts and ideas are invited to such a meeting. 

    P5. To Generate a Positive Attitude: 

    This is what the motivation can be done in the meeting for the people who are lacking or the downsizing in the performance or the employees who degrading their attitude and the positivity. These employees are invited so that they can refresh their minds and develop one positive attitude. The person who is conducting a meeting is a motivator or speaker who builds a positive attitude in the group of people and also influences them to the next level.

    P6. To Provide Feedback: 

    This is done in two parts -(I) sometimes it is done in senior authorities which means all managers are invited to the meeting where all managers discuss to initiate the feedback of all junior and the employees who are working in a team. The team leader or manager is responsible to give feedback to each employee in the meeting. (II) Feedback can be achieved and it can be conducted in the organization for all the people who can give feedback and their specific needs, which should be fulfilled in the organization.

    P7. To Present a Report: 

    The person who is a very good communicator or has a good personality is invited to present a report and this report can be presented in front of the Client or senior management. This is what is done by the team and a complete report is presented by a person for individuals who are specifically invited to the meeting.


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