Four Golden Points To Success In Meeting


  4 Golden Points To Success In Meeting

The meeting gives to participants an excellent opportunity to become an opinion leader in their organization. The meeting is a very important aspect of all corporate sectors.
In the organization, a group of people participates in the meeting because people perform different functions and roles. 

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Effective Meetings Guidelines

They come together to get a specific task achieved.
"A meeting consists of two or more individuals gathering to discuss an issue to exchange views or to transmit information or to resolve conflict."

What are the skills required for an effective meeting?

Following are the golden points to success in meeting:

     Rule1. Provide all facts:

    If any part of the agenda required the members to ignore some important facts the best thing will be to provide those facts in advance.

    Rule2. Distribute the agenda among all members:

    This is of the utmost importance because many members of the meeting are ignorant of the agenda. Therefore distribute the agenda to all members who participated in the meeting. Finally, no one will be able to make any advance participation and their participation in the meeting will be ineffective.

    Rule3. Clearly define the purpose of the meeting:

    The person who conducted the meeting should be very clear about why he or she is calling a meeting? If the purpose is clearly defined it will be very easy to decide whether it is necessary to call a meeting and the procedure will help us to take a quick decision without any avoidable loss of time and money.

    Rule4. Restrict the number of invitees:

    Yes, the number of participants in a meeting should not be very large. Only the specific person should be called who is closely concerned and required for the subject to be discussed. This pointer can help to make an effective meeting in the organization.

    Steps that should be followed by the person who is conducting the meeting:

    He/She should be very clear and very specific what exactly the purpose of a meeting? Why he or she is conducting this meeting is not just to resolve the things in the group of people but also to integrate and find the optimized solution for organizational growth. 

    As earlier told, in the organization the various role of the person working and they have various modules sometimes it cannot be resolved within two or three-person. Thus, the meeting is a place where many people who are involved in such a task can give a better solution.

    Virtual Meeting Tool:

    Officially, we recommend using the google meeting platform. This has enough features and is available with proper security. Google Meetings is mostly used by various big and small firms. During the covid-19, each organization needed a virtual meeting platform, and google meet provide them better service to connect all around the world.


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