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6 Types Of Meetings In A Company

What are the types of meetings?

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The meetings can be classified in the following points:-

    T1. Decision-Making Meeting: 

    Committees on the board of the director with the power to take decisions on behalf of a parent body hold the decision-making meeting. The board of directors decides what should be done and when should be done. The big decision can be host by the directors or the chairperson who has involved in the meeting and they might have clear decisions and the purpose of why they are conducting meetings.

    T2. Consultation Meeting: 

    This may consist of expert holds a meeting to discuss and advise other bodies on various matters and issues, but they might not be having the power to take any decision on the action. The set of people or bodies is chosen to conduct a consultation meeting. 

    T3. Problem Solving Meeting: 

    A meeting of all those concerned with the particular activity where the problem is rose may be called for a specific purpose to solve a particular problem. Every contributor looking at the problem from his or her point of view and task.

    T4. Executive Meeting: 

    This meeting is conducted by the higher authorities and held to implement the decisions. In this type of meeting instructions and orders are given to carry out a task or any module. 

    T5. Briefing Meeting: 

    Giving information is the main function of the differentiation prepared as the end of the briefing. May be read out and the questions and the requester classification are answered but there is no discussion briefing a meeting. 

    T6. Negotiation Meeting: 

    Sometimes parties with computing interest such as to separate organizations or buyers and sellers who want to collaborate or employees need to settle their differences. They meet to discuss and arrive at agreement negotiation meeting.


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