How To Improve English Speaking For Job Interview?


As you know, speaking skills are essential for any interview. But, globally, if a company prefers to conduct the discussion in English as a global language. It became great for interviewees if the interviewer permit to speak in their native language. This can work for rare job interviews; hence you can not ignore this language. First, you can read and understand English; that's why you read this article. Now the problem is when we start speaking. Mostly excuses came, "I can understand English, but can not speak in English." We'll understand and resolve this problem sincerely. 

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English speaking for a job interview

Let's Understand,

Why is English Important for a Job Interview?

As we know, in the 21st century, English has become the leading language of international discourse. According to a 2016 analysis, 400 million people speak English as their primary language, and 1.1 billion spoke it as their second language.

Basic conversation in English:

Not require a fluent or high level of English during job interviews. The most important thing is to express your thought & ideas in a clear & concise manner. Your sentences should be clear & understandable. Start speaking & practicing more; the more clarity you will get. Make basic conversation with your friends & start talking with simple words & sentences, but it should have meaning. Essential English conversation daily use can help you to achieve good commands in speaking & gradually, it will result in your fluent speaking.

Day-to-day English conversation:

This can help you practice more & achieve a good English speaking level. In day-to-day life, some basic English is spoken, and you can involve yourself in improving English with chum. Daily English conversation will help you to be more clear & will reduce hesitation in communicating in front of people.

Google talk:

As the technology boomed in the market, another side Google launched more valuable products and applications for users. Similarly, google talk is also one of the best practicing mediums for English improvement. Since Google has many features & different ways by which one can practice English easily. It has its own translator; if you are stuck in your native & English language, you can easily translate those sentences or get a meaning. Google Assistant is also a helpful medium to talk in English to let them understand your requirement or the information you search for on the internet.

Business English conversation:

English is significant in the job interview, and if you have your own business, would like to expand your business, or want to bring it as an international business. Daily in the industry, there is always a customer in different languages. The language can be a barrier if the global language (English) is not in place. Hence be ready to talk in this language with confidence & eventually, you'll see exponential growth in the business.

Record Your Voice:

This is another powerful technique to improve English by recording voice. Use a high-quality microphone & start speaking some paragraphs, record it in a silent place, listen to it & give yourself some feedback. Again do the same steps - record, listen, and give feedback. These steps should carry on, and you will see the level of improvement in your voice & listening skills

Vocal exercise:

Speaking or listening and your pronunciation plays a vital role during job interviews. This technique helps you to have an excellent vocal chord & will deliver your speech with a clear voice. You can do many exercises like Sihansana (Lion pose), Lip buzz, Tongue trill, Humming, Yaun-sigh, etc. One more powerful movement is - "put your 4 fingers in your mouth vertical ways & start reading some paragraphs; the voice & the sentences will not be clear but do the same for at least 5 minutes". This exercise will give instant results on your vocal chord & good pronunciation skill.

Practice More:

With your friends, you can conduct interviews to check your speaking level & what questions can be asked by the interview & how you guys answer those questions. This will not only help you to be ready for an interview, but you'll also always get an optimized answer during practice, which will eventually help you to get shortlisted in any of the reputed firms. Thus, don't stop practicing; explore all interview-related tips & tricks on xsoftskills; we have a complete collection of interview & soft skills preparation material.

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