How To Improve pronunciation skills? | 7 Steps to improve pronunciation skills


How To Improve Pronunciation Skills?

7 Steps to Improve Pronunciation Skills: 

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How To Improve Pronunciation Skills?

    P1. Record yourself:

    This is the right & straightforward trick to improve pronunciation. This does not matter which language you are speaking, the matter is the way you
    pronounce the words. User audio recorder or tape recorder in which, microphone quality should be clear & speaker should be loud & clear. There you can create a folder every day with the new date and at least record it every day and store it in a folder. Not just record the voice but you must have to see improvement. That means, every day there should be one step ahead of the past day.

    P2. Watch yourself:

    Just stand in front of the mirror and watch your face & lips. Just to set your lip and pronunciation level, don't distort your face angle. Therefore, both
    It is important to have better pronunciation skills. Use Google to see the pronunciation lip. Google features good pronunciation and helps people
    improve their skills. You can start reading paragraphs or pick a list of words and start watching your lip for those words. The way you'll pronounce should be correct and you can follow a good speaker.

    P3. Listen yourself:

    Listen to all of your speech and recordings of your voice, analyze it, and try to find mistakes in pronouncing the words. Be alone and away from the crowd and check your voice. The best practice and recommendation would be, to go to the top hill and only try to speak or shout, there you listen your voice will come from a long distance multiple times. As much as possible, try to listen to yourself and there should not be any external noise.

    P4. Slow down:

    Be a little slow, either you read or speak. However, this may take some time to complete the point but there will be quality and clarity, sometimes you can face some problems when you start but this will be one way to achieve good pronunciation skills. Start practicing alone with slow & clear pronunciation. After some time you'll see an improvement in your speaking with the right pronunciation.

    P5. Listen more:

    Start listening to good speakers with headphones and try to speak in the same way. You can start listing podcasts or Ted Talks or TedX, there might be different speakers with different accents but the pronunciation will be common. In case you feel any difference between them, you can correct it in google and note down those words. Every day, you can start listening based on convenience but the recommendation would be to listen in the early morning. This can give every day one step ahead.

    P6. Think before speaking:

    Most people start speaking without analyzing and manipulating their thoughts before speaking. This is also a factor for those who work on pronunciation skills. When we pause and think before speaking, then it can give space to our mouth to be ready for the next word to deliver. Try to analyze & manipulate your thoughts and the message you want to deliver and make this strategy in the habit.

    P7. Practice More:

    Don't just practice in a week or after 2 or 3 days, be consistent and do it regularly, at least 10-20 minutes. This can only build your higher level of pronunciation while speaking. Every day you practice, every day you see improvement, thus never stop it. Also, the right exercise for pronunciation improves the clarity of vocal cords. And the Sinhasana (Lion Pose), can help you to build this.

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