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Soft Skills For Online Teachers

Due to this COVID-19, you might be teaching online or remotely with any resources but somehow you have to maintain your soft skills so that your students can get more from you. But, How to develop teaching skills during COVID-19? & What are the soft skills for online teachers?
In order to develop and enhance teaching skills while working from home as an online teacher, you must have to make sure the soft skills should never be compromised.

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Show the soft skills which are crucial for any online teacher are as follows:

    S1. Presentation Skill:

    Yes, this is first and foremost important which included your communication, speaking, listening, and anything. However, you have to build a presentation online you maybe use any software like MS Office or PPT to create your presentation more understandable. The content is more important in a visual way and the professional way. So that students can easily understand. 

    After creating content, the second thing is the most important is voice clarity, for that you might have physically voice clear but due to your microphone or due to the background noise, your student can be distracted. Therefore you must have a good quality of a microphone as well so that you can let your students understand easily.

    S2. Problem Solving Skills:

    Yes, this is a compulsory and important skill required in the teaching field. If you have a good problem-solving skill you can resolve any type of problem what students are facing. So problem-solving skill is more important for that you can practice on a daily basis, for what subject you have chosen or teaching. 

    All problem whichever is facing by your students that should be resolvable by you. However you can give the chance to students themselves and solve the problems on their own, but if they are not able to solve any type of problem, finally you have to deliver your solution.

    S3. Student Motivation:

    Not just teaching syllabus and let the student clear their exam only, but you have to be a good motivator. Being a good motivator not only you motivate these students but you also make the consistency in your self to be always positive and active. Students also like this type of teacher who is always motivated. 

    Therefore develop the motivational skills in yourself also create the kinds of humorous quality while teaching, so that it should not completely exhaustible from the students. They can play with you, they can easily comfortable with you. If they are not, then you have to change the way of teaching.

    S4. Conflict Resolution:

    This is skill is also required to carry by any online teacher while teaching in front of any digital resources. You must have the technique if any conflict arises within a student or are the student itself. Without taking a big action you can have the ability to resolve in the same span of time.

    S5. Interpersonal Skills: 

    While you presenting your presentation in front of the students they must understand your language. The question you are asking, you must have the technique to ask the question and deliver your presentation while you speak to individual students or the whole student. You must be understood what is a good way to deliver a speech and talk to your students so that all students can connect with you for a long time. 

    You must have to create connections with all his friends so that they can also share the problem they are facing in their personal life. Being a Teacher, being as Guru,  let the students feel free to share their thought with you and you can politely understand them.

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