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 ALC (Ask, Listen, Confirm) Technique Can Boost Your Job

In today's corporate world many things changing and innovating. In the organization, each and every candidate, employee, junior and senior manager communicate with each other. 
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ALC technique

If you are looking for a job or you have already in a job, then you might know how's communication is important. Communication is not just for the work done but to make yourself impressive and approachable for everyone. 

What is the ALC technique? 


Yes for the first time you will ask the question. What do you have to do? What job do you have to do? What tasks have to deliver for the day? This is also a great technique and makes sense. Then the way of asking questions is great and wonderful. 


Once you've done the question. Be silent and listen to what your manager saying. Be an active listener so that you won't have to ask for a repeat once again. You can develop your listening skill by following the Effective Listening Technique


This is not an action to repeat the answer but once you finish your listening then confirm whichever doubt you have. Therefore confirm technique is not repeating things by others. This is the final confirmation for you. So that you can deliver your task in a proper way and check whether you are correct. 

Why the ALC technique is important? 


As earlier described, in today's corporate world, it's very confusing the thoughts and the requirements coming from the client. 

Sometimes there is a lot of confusion about the task given by the senior management but if you have a clear picture you can plan very well for such requirements and deliver it as expected by clients. 

This is a great technique to clear your all doubts in one flow. This technique also helps you to be a diligent and curious candidate in the organization. 

As much as you asked the question to your senior manager or with the team, you will very well aware and learn things easily and quickly. 
This is a by default personality carried by those who are open-minded. Therefore follow the ALC  technique which will add more texture to your career growth.


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