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PSQ5R Reading Technique

The basic steps of learning from reading can be followed: 
Purpose, Survey, Question, Read Selectively, Recite, Reduce Record, Reflect, Review 
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How you exactly can learn from reading, when you follow PSQ5R: 

    P. Purpose: 

    First, establish the purpose that is whether to get focus or theme or the main things or main ideas or figures or evidence or examples and arguments relation, methods can prompt you to use the reading method that gets what you want in minimum time. 
    There should be a particular purpose for reading so that you can accomplish your purpose, you can stop reading before establishing purpose.

    S. Survey: 

    Skim glance over the main features of the place that is, the title, the lead, and the summary paragraph to find out what ideas overview of pieces and questions that are being discussed. 
    This is done very fastly to get an overview and find out the approach and manner in which the author treats the time.

    Q. Question: 

    Compose question which should be answered when the objective is fulfilled. 
    Also, ask the question to yourself by which ensure that you read very well the material. 
    This also can be helpful for your personal interviews.

    R1. Read Selectively:

    This type of reading in walls to find the answer to your question. 
    But in this type of reading if the paragraph is interlinked to your answer then read the whole paragraph data very carefully so that you can create a link what is your question and what is the detailed answer you can achieve.

    R2. Recite: 

    Without looking at the book recite your answer to the question using your own words as much as possible. If you cannot do reasonably well you can look that section again, but try without a glance at the information. 

    R3. Reduce Record:

    You can write short a note or you can capture the important. Questions and answers. Also, you can highlight those paragraphs so that you can recall the already read material.

    R4. Reflect:

    Once again elaborate the new information so that retention is increased. 
    This will be helpful to compare with the different categories and also to relate one part with another. 
    This will also help to connect with your other knowledge and personal experience.

    R5. Review: 

    Revise important points, short notes, highlighted paragraphs, etc. Recognize all the points and review whenever it required or you can recite it in your language.

    This PSQ5R model is the way by which you can read effectively and fast. While reading our concentration comes in one point and having joy. 
    When you follow these reading techniques, you found alway abstract points in paragraph and this helps to sustain in long term memory. Thus, 

    Not just Reading but Reading Effectively matters. Good luck!

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