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What Is Reading Skills?

Reading is a dynamic process in which you interact with the text to construct a correct meaning. 
  • ~Reading is used to teach pronunciation. 

  • ~Reading is getting or understanding the meaning. 

  • ~Reading is grasping information from texts. 

  • ~Reading is a skill that enables you to get a message.

  • ~Reading is recognizing the written word.
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    Different Types of Reading:

    R1. Very Slow Reading (Careful Reading): 

    This is the slowest kind of reading in which speed varies between 50 to 350 WPM (word per minute). This type of reading can be done by seriousness and concentration. 

    In this type of reading both words and meaning should be understood. 
    This type of reading can be used for problem-solving, analysis proof-reading, accuracy checking. 
    This type of reading helps to retained material in the memory for a longer period.

    R2. Reading at Medium Speed (Rapid Reading): 

    In this type of reading, the reading speed range varies from 300 to 600 WPM (word per minute). 
    When the retention of material for a longer period is not required then the rapid process is followed. 

    R3. Reading at Fast Speed (Skimming): 

    In this type of reading, the eyes of the reader go through all material but usually by skipping the details. 
    This kind of reading is practiced by the reader, he/she can read the material whose rates are more than 1500 WPM (word per minute). 
    It is done to grasp for main ideas, journals, many executive scheme newspaper, and magazines due to shortage time and busy schedule.

    R4. Reading at Very Fast Speed (Scanning): 

    This is the fastest kind of reading where the reading speed can be up to 3000 WPM (word per minute). 
    Scanning the material is done for a specific purpose. 

    This reading is done basically to search for a part for particular information or records. 
    The person who is already proficient in scanning will see little and nothing other than the information which he/she is seeking.  

    Reading Speed: 

    Reading of sentences or words per minute is known as reading speed. 
    This is the speed at which one can read words. 

    Also, you can calculate your reading speed by the formula given below: 

     Reading Speed Formula:

    Word Per Minute (WPM) =  (Total number of words read * 60) /(number of a second actually taken to read)

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