What is telex communication? How does it works?

Telex, is an international message-transfer service consisting of a network of teleprinters connected by a system of switched exchanges. Subscribers to a telex service will exchange matter communications and information directly and firmly with each other.

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The telex is the name given by the post-workplace folks to a teletype machine whereby written
messages may be communicated from one place to a different with the assistance of a machine. The teleprinter consists of 2 components:
(i) a keyboard transmitter and 
(ii) a receiver, for sending the coded signals and printing the message. once a message is to be sent, the employee presses a button, waits for the dial tone, dials the quantity desired, and if the quantity is contacted, sorts the message. 

The message as typewritten within the originating workplace is typewritten on any low strip of paper at the receiver's finish. this can be one of the fastest and most correct ways of sending written communication.

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Advantages of the telex service:
The telex service allows the transmission of written messages from one subscriber to another by direct dialing.

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The telex service combines in it the advantage of each telephoning and writing a letter. It is much faster than a letter and cheaper than a phone call service.
If the person for whom the message is supposed isn't a gift at the time of the transmission of the message, he can get the message showing neatness typewritten on the teletype machine once he returns.
He will then reply thereto later.

The telex service may be used for booking landlocked still as overseas telegrams by obtaining in touch with the Central Telegraph workplace.
The telex service is extraordinarily helpful for giant business homes, news agencies, exchange dealers, etc. they will transmit and receive messages at any time of the day and night.

Applications of the telex service:

In components of the banking and national economy, they're still used for a few varieties of trade because telex messages are legal documents, not like faxes or e-mails. each sender and the recipient is formally known (they got to be subscribers to the telex network), but neither party will deny the transmission (the sender cannot claim that they did not send it, nor the recipient that they did not receive it), and also the message cannot be faked.

Ocean-going ships are still needed to possess telex machines, as a security demand.
In remote components of the continent, telex continues to be the foremost reliable sort of government and administrative communication. The terribly low information measure means that telex will add places where voice and net cannot, like over low-quality radio or microwave connections.

Since telex messages also are charged in line with the number of words contained in them, they have to be composed sort of a message. Telex messages should be temporary but complete and clear.

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