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Listening Skills For Beginners 

This question can arise in any mind who knows the importance of listening. Listening leads to an understanding of any ideas or facts. This plays a very important role not only for IELTS aspirants but also for many people. Listening is not hearing therefore to understand actively or passively the view of others is important. 

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Now the common type of listening is important for all but for the beginner, the following type could helpful:

    L1. Critical Listening: 

    This is the type of listening in which the listener has to analyze the message of the speaker. The basic three-step for critical listening is to listen to the message or ideas, analyze it, and finally evaluate it. 

    For example "If you watch any news on which government declaring the new scheme or plan for the country, one can listen politely, then analyze whether is right for the nation and finally make the evaluation which is pros & cons of the same scheme or plan."


    L2. Active Listening: 

    One can implicitly be an active listener if the topic is interested which is being discussed. As a beginner to understand and absorbs all that being said and also make a cross questing to ensure that whatsoever you listen to is correct. Make it in practice so that you can understand easily which is told by the speaker. 

    For example: "During the meeting, one can understand actively and carefully what is presenting by the leader and raise your point and thought to upgrade it or ask to repeat once again."


    L3. Informative Listening: 

    This is the type of listening in which listeners have the purpose to gain some information from the speaker. This type of listening usually improve the level of knowledge from the ara. Informative listening could be easy if you are an active listener and it might produce extra benefits. 

    Thus, before achieving it, work on active listening practice so that you won't have any trouble working hard. For example: "Listening News", "Listening from classroom", etc. 


    L4. Comprehensive Listening: 

    In this type, the listener has to comprehend the message and understands what the speaker has trying to convey. 

    This also involves comprehending the non-verbal message of speaker by your previous experience, knowledge, cognitive power and perception. The main activities are grasping, assimilating, and absorbing the information. 

    Finally, Listening play various roles in various sectors. Choose precisely and work on it. All type of listening is not required for all domain. But active listening is common for all. All The Best!!


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