Is Graduation Necessary To Apply For A Job Interview In India?


This has two answers yes & no. We'll first see the fields and year of courses available in India. There are many passionate fields in which graduation never requires.

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Graduation Necessary: 

Most of the company ask for a degree when you apply for the jobs. This could be in both private & government sector jobs. This depends on the company & the position for which you applying. If you apply after graduation you will get more benefits and as per your domain. A graduation degree can also be achieved by choosing the following years of courses:

3 Years Graduation Course:

  • B.Sc (Bachelor Of Science)
  • BCA (Bachelor Of Computer Application)
  • B.Com (Bachelor Of Commerce)
  • Diploma
  • BBA (Bachelor Of Business Administration)
  • BA (Bachelor Of Arts), etc.


4 Years Graduation Course:

  • BE (Bachelor Of Engineering)
  • B.Tech (Bachelor Of Technology)
  • B. Arch (Bachelor Of Architecture)
  • BSN (Bachelor Of Science in Nursing)
  • B. Phil (Bachelor Of Philosophy)
  • BFA (Bachelor Of Fine Arts), etc.


Graduation Not Necessary: 

Most of the firm does not ask for any degree but they always concern about the candidate skills. This is possible to apply for a job interview in India without any graduation. But you must full fill in the requirement of a job post. In this domain skills and soft skills plays an important role.

There are various jobs in the market which does not ask for a degree:

Travel Consultant: You can start your own travel agency or you can work for others. Travel agency needs and looks in the candidate with a good network, technically strong, and good negotiation skills.

Stock Market Professionals: 

As a candidate, you must posess the investment & capital market to buy and sell the stock for your clients. The minimum age of 21 years required to apply for this job in India. You can directly register for this job on the official site. But BEWARE OF FRAUD JOB & STOCK MARKET.

Makeup Artist: 

In the television industry, wedding ceremony or photo studios require one makeup artist. If you are interested in makeup, then you can start your career as a makeup artist in India. Make artists also have a big opportunity to work as freelancers or work for celebrities.

Real Estate Agent: 

The minimum of 18 years of age required to get a license and work in real estate. As a real estate agent, you need good networking & computer knowledge. In this field, you will learn to buy & sell properties and charges vary depends on locality.

Photographer: If you have good photography skills, you can apply for wildlife, wedding, modeling, film making, fashion photographer. You can also choose one of the courses either offline or online and start a career without any graduation degree.

The Worlds top MNC Company Never Ask For Degree(Skills Is Must)

  • Google
  • Apple
  • Penguin Random House
  • Whole Food
  • Publix
  • Starbucks, etc.


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