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7 Skills To Improve During Lockdown For Everyone

During this pandemic of covid-19, everyone at lockdown, someone makes a proper decision for future and career and utilizes their time. 

Many are confused about how to utilize this lockdown effectively properly and improve the skills which are required in the present or future. 

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To ensure to remove this confusion and to clear it, there are so many skills which you still need to improve. However, you are good enough in your domain-specific skill but that is not enough.  


We believe in Kaizen which means continuous improvement. You will be one step ahead tomorrow, then what you are today, believe in it (Kaizen). 


There's a complete book about Kaizen, read it from start to end. You will very well understand what exactly this means and how effectively your life can transform. You will start to work on yourself instead of just fulfilling what you have.


The Skills which you need  To Improve During Lockdown are as follows:

    S1. Soft Skills: 

    As a soft skill is required in any field, either you from a technical or non-technical background. This is common for all the candidates or professionals. The soft skills are not just one single skill which you can develop, there are some many things which is required in soft skills, such as Communication skill, Time Management, Group Discussion, Meeting Skill, Public Speaking Skill, Personality Development, Problem-solving Skill, Work Ethic, Leadership, Teamwork, Creativity and many more.

    S2. Domain-Specific Skills: 

    Firstly make sure what is your domain or subject related field on which you are studying or you will pursue. Then identify what are the fields and scope in the future in such fields. Research about your domain and find out which one is crucial for you. Just filter out 4 to 5 skills then choose any of them and start to explore that skill. Choose any online courses if it is available or choose any related tutorial from YouTube as well and start to work on it at least make 1 to 2 hours to improve this skill.

    S3. Interest Specific Skills: 

    During this lockdown, you have a proper time to work on your interest. Now proper plan what are your interests, what exactly you want to do or what are good things which make you happy. 

    This might be just different from your domain-specific skills, but these need to improve and also you need to work on it because it is easier to improve than others, because you are much interested in the field on which you are working and it is very flexible to develop on you. 

    No hard work is required to improve and just specific skills but only need to open the eye and properly plan for it.

    S4. Hobby Specific Skills: 

    This skill is beyond  interest-specific skills, someone confused about interest and hobby, most people consider interest and hobby similar but both have differences and the main difference is- Hobby means “What you do?” but Interest means “What you want to do?” 

    Therefore just find out what exactly you do in your free time. Choose precisely any of those which is more crucial and helpful to develop your skills. 

    For example, In your free time, you are interested in reading some books or novels, now this skill can be crucial when you identify whether you are reading the book which can transform you. Make sure it is domain-specific and interest-based. Based on these two, choose books and start to read. Similarly, you can do it in other hobbies as well.

    S5. Trend Specific Skills: 

    Find out what is the current trend in the market and don't just start to work on it, research more about it and then find out what are the futures in such trending fields. 

    Then properly plan when and what you have to do to improve such skills. Make sure whenever you choose any skill to improve in yourself to firstly plan and make a schedule for it. 

    For example, most people do what they do, they choose any skills randomly and start to work on it and after some time they lose their consistency and choose another one. This is the biggest flaw in every person. Therefore whatsoever you are choosing, make daily routine planning at least half an hour.

    S6. Foreign Language: 

    If you start to learn a foreign language, your mind will also become more creative. Learning various languages helps to boost your mind. 

    Choose any foreign language, you can also search which is more crucial and good for you. If you know any foreign language then start with next in another foreign language. 

    For example, you can start to learn- Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese,e Japanese, Italian, etc.


    S7. Common Skills: 

    Everyone has to work on the skills which are required for your job or career but many of these skills which are required to improve, which is not directly helpful but change the way of living indirectly. 

    Not only to work on hard and soft skills but also there are many hidden skills that can succeed in your future and long-term. 

    These skills also called people  skills and many people develop this during their childhood which is called, “sacrament or moral”  These common skills are as follows: 

    • Behavioral skills

    • Sensibility 

    • Honesty

    • Patients

    • Humourous

    • Sympathy & Empathy

    • Self-discipline, etc

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