Importance Of Goal Setting | 4 Reasons Why Goal Setting Is Important


Importance Of Goal Setting

Before that, let's ask yourself why should you set your goal? Everyone has their own unique goal and desire to achieve this goal, but no one setting this goal by pen and paper.

Moreover, the people set their goals in the mind which is not permanent and that is why it is not consistent to achieve those goals. 

If you have an extreme desire to achieve your goal then note down it in the pen and paper and hang it in your room and look every day. 

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Goal setting is not just writing one goal title in the paper but goal setting is a descriptive and very specific direction and planning to achieve it.  

4 Reasons Why Goal Setting Is Important: 

    G1. Providing a direction:

    This means once you set your goal either it is long term or short term. You will get a specific and right direction to achieve this goal. If you confuse when you moving towards achieving the goal, your goal setting will provide the right direction for moving. 

    G2. Facilitating Planning:

    After building a goal-setting your planning will be clear and the schedule which you will make to reach your goal will be specific and clear. You will no longer be confused about what to do and how to do it. Thus, goal setting gives you one planning to achieve your goal sooner. 

    G3. Limiting Stress:

    Sometimes we create our goal, but we don't goal setting that is why in the journey to achieve a goal, we always confused and getting stress. And not able to move in the right way. Goal setting helps you to limit your stress because you have already planned and set your goal.

    G4. Quicker Result:

    Yes! after setting up the goal, you will see the immediate result and your goal is near to you. This gives one motivation to set up the next goal after achieving the first one. The time which will take lesser than what you planned for it.

    Example: I want to buy a car after three years then I should plan it very specifically and my desire should be extreme to achieve this goal. What should I have to do in the next 3 years that should completely be planned in my goal setting? Goal setting is not just one page of the paper, but goal setting is a complete direction and what you need to do in the time which you have decided. Once you clearly define your goal and depict it in the pen and paper, you will be surprised because your goal is so near to you. 

    Finally don't wait because everyone has their own goal it may be for long term or it may be for the short term but firstly set your goal for the short term, so that you can start to work on that and don't waste time to make something which is not a part of your life.


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