How To Be A Good Team Player While Working From Home?


How To Be A Good Team Player While Working From Home?

Due to this COVID-19 mostly the employees, those who are working from home. Long time since you didn't meet with your colleagues or with coworkers. 
However you are working from home, you have to be a good team player
Maybe you are working remotely and delivering day-to-day tasks, but this is a time when you can showcase how good a team player you are? 

how to be a good team player
How to be a good team player?

To be a good team player, you have to be responsible and take the right decision for the team which should never affect others. 

So how you can be a good team player while working from home?
Following are the ways by which you can be a good team player: 

    T1. Create a Deadline: 

    Now the task which you have been assigned for yourself or the task is given by the manager. Create the deadline for that and plan to finish it before the deadline. You have started to deliver your day-to-day task by creating a deadline and following it. Divide this deadline into sub-deadline and properly schedule for the day.

    T2. Say Thank You!

    If your colleagues will help you or if you disturb someone for your personal work or knowledge then, also say Thank you! 
    That means you have to be positive and honest. When you are stuck in some stages, you don't have to lose your patience. Also, appreciate another team member, if any good thing happens during this time you can't reach your workspace, Therefore you have the option to appreciate and say thank you via Email, Hangout, WhatsApp, or what so ever communication channel you are using.

    T3. Avoid Politics:

    Since you are working from home, at any time if you see the wrong communication is going to start or if you find something went wrong with your colleagues. Try to destroy from there and don't expand this negative topic to create politics. This is more dangerous than workspace politics because you are not in front of them with whom you argue. Thus, try to avoid it immediately.

    T4. Focus on Goal:

    Whenever you get new requirements from the clients or if the vision is set by the organization and you have to follow and fulfill all the targets. Try to filter out it for yourself for that what you can contribute to achieving this goal and what great ideas and thoughts you can add for the organizational growth. So that the target can quickly be achieved.

    T5. Be Honest:

    While working on the workspace, you can show how honest you are? But for the last many days, you are working from home. You won't have many resources to showcase how honest you are? or how honestly working your own works. Therefore be self-disciplined and punctual to deliver from time to time, your task status on which you are working. 

    This is the good and clear attention of your manager, which shows that you are honestly working on work hours and delivering those targets. Send mail to your manager or resource management in the morning, what you will work for the day? and in the evening, when you finish all the tasks.


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