4 Golden Rules For Precis Writing


4 Golden Rules For Precis Writing

Precis writing is the piece of continuous writing, which means in order to be an effective writer, you should possess the qualities to suggest the organisation of ideas, and the logical sequencing of points as well as the variety of a language which is the situation demand.

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Golden Rules for Good Precis Writing:

    P1. Use your Own Language:

    It should be written as for as possible in your own language or words. Precis writing is a test as much as comprehension of your own expressions. When you start to write try to summarise original ideas. You will often find the language of passages, as well as you cannot help retaining a few significant phrases are the technical terms but be sure your sentence structure should always entirely your own. Try to optimize your writing skills which means don't explain in much jargon words and sentences.

    P2. Determine the Theme of the Passage very carefully: 

    This is the most difficult part and a very important part while writing a precis. Try to make more time to create the central idea for the theme of the passage. After that, you will be analyzing the passage to separate into the measure points, which you can list out. These are the subheadings for your precis writing. If you divide your one phrase or theme into two different junctions. It would be helpful for you to explain very effectively.

    P3. Observe Proportion:

    Make sure your precis should be well proportioned. That means each part and each topic which you explain should be well proportioned. It should not look like a biased one. Try to make a proper space and punctuations. Make sure you determine the whole idea of your thought according to the theme.

    P4. Brevity is always Good but not at the cost of Clarity:

    Brevity is called a soul of precis writing, but it could not be achieved at the cost of clarity. If you find clarity when adding some new words or to remove some words or sentences in your precis, then do that for clarity. At any cost, you have to decorate your precis writing. In order to achieve clarity in your precis writing. The excessive living of obscurity, ambiguity, or economic must be avoided.


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