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Why are Good Speaking Skills Important?

 It is a type of verbal communication in which the speaker shares his or her thoughts and ideas in a more effective way.
 This means, How you conveying your thoughts is much important than what you conveying? 

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    A1. Clarity: 

    It is the most important characteristic of effective speaking
    The speech should always be successful when conveying to the audience, emotions, the ideas facts or argument, as you want to express. 

    In case your audience is not getting instantaneously grasp then you have failed as a speaker. 
    That means clarity of speaking is more important than what you are going to speak. 

    It doesn't matter how much or how you can speak, but it really matters how much clearer you are telling. 

    A2. Vivid and Concrete: 

    Include in concrete facts easy to comprehend and visualize. Abstraction can kill a speech. 
    For example, if someone wants to you say, "India's economy is growing very fast". 
    He or she used a very concrete image, "See how fast India's economy grows". Nobody missed his points. 

    A3. It is Brief:  

    The concentration of the audience does not last more than 15 to 20 minutes. It is found that your speech should not be more than this. 
    Analyze the audience is motivated to know more in order to achieve brevity. 

    It is desirable to include only a few and abstract points in your speech and elaborate them in some length not more than required. 
    If you convey the right at the beginning, for example, "I am going to present to you 5 major issues being faced in the software industry" and briefly explain these five issues or problems. 
    Your speech will be clear and brief and nobody gets bored. 

    A4. It is Interesting: 

    Humorous touches and quotations often make a speech interesting. 
    The quotation should always be the only form of accepted authority that should only familiar but not worn out. Humour should always topical, gentle, and spontaneous.

    A5. Audience Oriented: 

    Any fact your speech is always tuned to the wavelength of the audiences. 

    See the following points carefully:
    • How large is the audience? With a small audience, the speech will be more like a chat the large gathering you will have to be patients. 
    • You have to consider whether the audience is general or specialized. This will help you to determine the depth and subject matter for your speech. 
    • Must ensure the age group of the listeners. You should confirm to taste of a particular age group. 
    • Find what are the social, political, religious, and economic views of the listener. What is the expected audience response? 

    This will help you to make audience-oriented speech effective speaking is like a semi-formal speaking that means you don't worry about formal and informal communication. 
    You are free to talk and share your thoughts. 

    It must be the following which is mentioned above. If you miss identifying the audience's views, you will fail to let them grasp. 
    The clarity of your voice, the message which you are delivering is vivid and concrete or not.

    The message which you are delivering is brief or not, the message which you are delivering is brief or not. 
    Even how interesting you are making your points and your thoughts.


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