How To Prepare For Interviews During Lockdown - Utilize This Lockdown

How to prepare for the interviews during a lockdown? Since you are at home, you can't go outside but when this lockdown will go, at that time if you think to go for interviews and you are not completely prepared at that time you will think you wasted time during the lockdown. 

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Yet, you have time and start your preparation for tomorrow. 

This is the right time where you can prepare yourself for the interviews. 
The job which you want to get, have you already created your resume? if not getting much weightage then make it powerful.
The resume is not a Document to submit,
But, is the abstract definition of You
Read how you can create a resume which will more effective for your job from Google. 

If you don't have any skills and you have only mention your education qualification in resume, then develop your skills in this lockdown. Join some courses from Coursera, Udacity, Udemy or edX. 

These are the official platform where you can learn something and enhance yourself.

During this lockdown, you can finish any course online. This will help you to attach your resume. Therefore join any courses from these official sites.  

There are not only paid courses but also some free courses available where you can join and complete the course. This will make high weightage in your resume. 
 Don't Panic yourself, 
when you found yourself in the competitive world!
Also, find out some top interview questions from internet related to your domain and prepare it.

Just try to speak out and think someone is in front of you and asking some questions and how you are responding to your answer. 

Try to speak more to yourself. Why? because in this lockdown you can't meet each and every person outside. 
Therefore for your speaking, for your voice, for your communication, you have to interact with yourself. 

This is what you are also preparing for the interviews that means you have to practice more and more. 

Stay Home, Stay Safe
If your friends also preparing for the same interviews then you can do a telephonic conversation with him or her. 
This will help you both to practice. 

Don't invest your time watching just movies and kinds of entertainment, because this is the time where you can ready yourself for some good stuff.


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