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The super exciting question always asked by the people-  "How to be more productive when doing work from home?" If you are working at home you have to deliver to the client. 
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You might have a weekly or monthly releases for the client. 
You have to be more productive so that you can fulfill the requirement of the client. 
Due to COVID-19 Lockdown, you are working at home but you need a soft skill to develop. 

Soft skill is not just your personality and communication but soft skill also included- How much productive you are? and How is your performance? each and everything from your physical to mental, soft skills plays an important role. 

Thus, if you are working at home and you don't have any idea how you can upskill yourself and even have to deliver day to day. 

These are the following tips which will help you to be more productive at work from home:

    P1. Plan for the day:

    This is the most important thing, What requirement you have? and What you have to finish? and What the deadline you have got?
    For all these, you have to divide it into the chunks and make it for the day. 
    Once you ensure what exactly we have to do for the day. Again divide this day into a subtask. 

    P2. Send Mail to your Resource Management: 

    Before starting work, this is most important because you are working at home and you have to pink or mail to your RM(Resource Management). 
    Let them know, what you are doing today? what are your plans for today? Do these things before starting work. 

    P3. Take a Break: 

    However you are working at home, you are getting food, breakfast, launch at home itself. 
    Even you have to take at least a small break apart from it. 
    You can listen to some music during a break or you can do exercise. 
    If you are feeling lazy, you can do some deep breath in and breathe out and amble here and there. 
    This will help you to concentrate more on work, even if you are feeling stuck at some point.

    P4. Read Books: 

    Mostly IT employees working in front of other desktop or laptop from the morning to evening. 
    Their attention only on screen. 
    Make the time to read any favorite novel or books as per your interest. 
    This will also help you to do more focus on work and this will make you happier and calmer.

    P5. Take a Water Bottle: 

    However, you have always work and pressure takes a water bottle on the desk. Take water as much as you can. 
    Avoid some junk food to take during work. Only take your healthy foods. 
    You can also take some fruits and green vegetables. 
    If you can't leave without Tea or Coffee, you can take it or avoid it.

    P6. Reduce Distractions: 

    If you are working at home maybe in a joint family mostly any of the family members can distract you or any children can distract you. 
    So make your workspace out from the living room or if you have a single living room then just close yourself inside the room where you are working. 

    If you become a casual at home you can not deliver for the day. 

    Therefore, you must understand that this is your working day but only the difference is you are not in the office, you are at home. 
    So don't get benefit from it. You have to only think about "How to be more productive when doing work from home?

    P7. Make an Intra-Deadline:

    This is the deadline out of what the client is given a deadline for you. 
    This is the deadline which you have to achieve before the client's deadline and if you make the deadline for such, you will get the benefit that you can deliver the things before the time and also the client will more impress on you. 

    This is the way a by which your performance will reveal and finally you would able to measure your productivity.

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