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Difference between Listening and Hearing: 

"All-Hearing is not Listening"
People tend to get confused in hearing and listening but there is a major difference between the two. 
Hearing is definitely a way of listening. It is a small branch of listening. It is very important to know.

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The following difference between listening and hearing which can result effectively:

S.No. Listening Hearing
1. Listening is a deliberate action.

Hearing is a preliminary physical action that depends on the proper functioning of the ear.

2. Listening means giving specific attention.

Hearing means to avoid or just pretending that you are there.

3. Listening is permanent in nature.

Hearing is temporary in nature.

4. Listening is a conscious effort.

Hearing happens unconsciously.

5. Listening is an active process.

Hearing is a passive activity.

6. Listening occurs when the brain swings into the action bi reconstructing electro-chemical impulse by giving the meaning to the sounds.

Hearing the sound waves Strike the eardrum causing vibrations these are transmitted to the brain.

7. Listening is effective when full attention is on the verbal and nonverbal messages of the sender's.

On the other hand during the process of hearing attention is neither on verbal nor nonverbal message.

This is mistaken mostly while communicating with others. Once we make understanding and clear definition on it could make our proficiency well. When you practice every day and form as many sentences, will give you a clear idea to place the words. 
Sometimes if you interact will any effective telecommunicator, you'll see, if you say them, "Can you hear me?", they'll answer: "I'm listening to you". What does this means, listening is the part of communication but hearing is not.

Both are verbs, you can use "can you listen to me?" in a formal conversation and "can you hear me" in casual conversation. Both are correct but use as per time and situation. 
Essentially, if any sound came to our ears, we say, we're hearing (this is not necessarily that it has a meaning) but in case of listening, unless until we don't get clear and wordy sound, we can not say we are listening something.
Listening to music is something that someone singing and it has words & rhythm. I'm listening to you (because of speaking). Speaking could listen to by the listener. Similarly, any sound without understanding the message, we can say, "I am hearing".

Hearing is Passive Activity:

Now we are adding another point on hearing. In this case, we don't have engagement actively in our brain function. We take the message physically instead of grasp and everything with active form.

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