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Barriers in communication:  

The factor which can affect the communication process is a barrier in communication. These barriers stop the process and put away from effective communication. 
They result in poor communication, error in judgment and misunderstanding.
Therefore, it is always recommended to taken care of while communicating others. This also affect in the workplace and create a big impact. Try to build the skills to handle these barrier, in case it happens.
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    Following are the main barriers in communication: 

    B1. Wrong choice of medium: 

    Communication is a transmission of message or voice from sender to receiver. This medium can be interpersonal such as telephone, face to face or email, a mass medium such as a television or newspaper. The right choice of medium can be increased effectiveness and clarity in communication. 

    Example: John wants to leave for one day rather than to call his HR, he can send the mail and take approval for leave.

    B2. Physical Barrier: 

    Physical barriers are an environmental factor or external disturbance that can stop communication. This can also include some obstacles such as incorrect typing, bad photocopies, poor writing, etc. The physical barrier can occur due to external noise, proper improve time, distance, improve time. 

    • In factories, oral communication is rendered in very loud noise due to external disturbances or machines in telecom facilities. ~Noise
    • A phone call at midnight, interrupting sleep, irritate the receiver if the message is not urgent. ~Improve Time
    • Distance between the sender's and the receiver acts as a barrier. ~Distance

    B3. Semantic Barrier: 

    Any barrier due to language results is semantic problem different meanings can be given to the same word by the different person is called a semantic barrier. This type of barrier could also be found in the same geography or region. What is told by one person & others interpreting it differently. For such a case one work could be repeatedly used that is, "pardon" or "pardon please". 
    An assumption could also be not beneficial in the same scenario. Be open while communicating and as much as increasing the proficiency in the language. If you think if this could have other meanings as well, then at least define it shortly. This practice will save your time and make your communication effective.

    Example: The foreigners are understood by the Indians due to their language and pronunciation. 

    Semantic barrier due to- 
    • Interpretation of word 
    • Denotation, and Connotation
    • Bypassed instruction.

    B.4 Socio-Psychological Barrier:

    This is a human factor that interferes with effective communication. This is the main barrier to interpersonal communication.

     This interference can be arises due to human emotion, values, feelings, attributes, limitations, and negative psychological features.

    Sometimes it seems, due to nervousness or not well prepared, the presenter stuck to deliver the message. This directly tells the audience that he/she is lacking in communication. But, somehow if you have an effective communication technique, then you can easily handle such a situation and will never be judge by the audience.

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